Toulouse '07

Published: 02 October, 2009 - Featured in Skin Deep 147, July, 2007

Toulouse is one of the oldest towns in France and was founded by the Romans and named the “pink city” because of the colour of the traditional local building material: the brick. Toulouse is the fourth town of France and is located between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, It is situated 730 km from Paris and is considered a very important cultural arts centre and it is the city where the European plane, Airbus is assembled.


It is the ideal place to organise a tattoo convention “the idea grew in my head about 6 years ago as I am passionate about tattooing and I think that a convention celebrating tattooing has been sadly missed in the city in the southwest of France” explains Régis, the organiser of convention. Régis Passéra is the president of the association “la casquette rouge” and the convention was organised with the help of his wife; Pascale. This was the second convention in this ancient town and it was very well received by the public.   

Indeed the first convention was very successful and had over 5000 people attending and the challenge this year was to make the show as good if not better than last year and the public made this possible with more than 6000 visitors coming through the doors of the “Agora center”, over the weekend of the 12th, 13th, 14th January. It was in this large building in Labège, a district of Toulouse, that Régis gathered 70 tattooists so that they could create tattoos freely and exchange their ideas with each other and their customers.

The majority of the tattooists came from the four corners of France, but other parts of Europe were represented. Among them of course were many French artists like Mikael Tatouage Poissy (France) but also many artists came from Spain because of the close proximity of the border. The likes of: Naxa Tattoo Ibiza (Spain), Mao y Cathy Madrid (Spain) attended and from the rest of Europe came Kingsroad Tattoo Kristinehamn (Sweden); Others came from much further and crossed the Atlantic like Nazareno Tubaro Buenos Aires (Argentinian), Olivier Julliand Montreal (Canada), Hiroyuki - 39 TATTOO Kobe (Japan), Big Deluxe, Salt Lake City (USA),   

The art of tattooing was celebrated and many of the attending tattooists also expressed themselves in other forms of artistic creations like sculpture, painting, illustrations and photographs. This is the case of Patrick Chaudesaigues who after many years of tattooing, painting and manufacture of trophies decided to communicate his love of tattooing and the tattooists by the intermediary of a book entitled “tattooing 21” where he gathered photos of a number important artists....In this book you can learn the different techniques used by tattooists and some interviews with Tin-Tin, Florence Amblard and Dimitri to name but a few.   

To cause public curiosity, and to promote a true art, the organisers have also wished to support new initiatives, in particular: a place dedicated to the “Tatouage 21” projects.   

TATOUAGE 21 is mainly presented like a “permanent tattoo seminar”. This new space, conceived by Patrick Chaudesaigues (Brive, France), became in less than one year a true artists’ collective, where everyone divides, questions and learns. Sensitive to the projects of this young tattoo library, the convention organiser wanted to place at his disposal a space where visitors were able to know some more about Tatouage 21 and to discover some of his first realisations: book, tattoo machines, infos, etc.   

Grenouuille and Alex were given the honour with the organisation of the tattooing contest and there were more than 160 candidates registered and been able to represent their tattooist. About 20 awards were distributed in categories covering the broad traditional topics of tattooing: Large pieces, small pieces, portraits, traditional, decorative, expression (This category encompassed tattooing of orientation and graphics in avant-garde styles and except standards of biomechanics, engravings, cubism...) There was also the best of day awards for Saturday and Sunday.   

For this second year, a professional jury of experienced tattoo artists judged each tattoo with complete appreciation of technical, aesthetics, general, and personal abilities. SAM - Shocker Tattoo (Rennes, France).
GUICHO - Outsider Ink (La Rochelle, France). DAVID - David Tattoo (Pertuis, France). KEVAIN - Monkey Studio (Montpellier, France). GROSEB - Bodyfikation (Talence, France)    

The trophies were designed and created by Patrick Chaudesaigues especially for the Toulouse Convention.

After having made a dozen trophies for various conventions, Patrick had decided to stop this activity but he could not refuse the request of Regis.
“The starting idea was that I could express myself as freely as possible while taking of account the identity of the event and his place”.    

Pascal Tourain presented the tattoo contests, and had been present throughout the convention. Pascal Tourain is a famous French tattooed actor, with a completely tattooed body (by Tin-Tin, Paris). With his baritone’s voice, this guy is at the same time funny, concerning and impressive, in particular ensured the presentation of the trophies went well with good humour over the weekend.   

After its success last year, the photo exhibition took a greater prominence tattoos in their various topics could be seen through the eyes of several photographers coming from different horizons, working on numerical or traditional support, in colour or black & white. Each one of them will present his vision of tattooing, tattoo artists, and tattooed people.   

Alex and his ‘inspiratrices’, with some “Tattooed women” who were photographed during the 2006 Tattoo Convention. Claire Artemyz and her photos ‘Affleure de peau’. Daniel Pissondes and his ‘Tribes’ photos.   

Lorrie Ann, an American tattooed pin-up was invited on the convention to bring a little bit of glamour to the proceedings.   

Lorrie Ann Dohoney used to be a model that now enjoys pin-up, fetish, glamour, fashion, and lingerie photo shoots. She was born and raised in a small suburb west of Phoenix, Arizona. She started dancing at the tender age of 3.    

She has been exploring this type of modelling for the last 4 years. Most of her previous experience was within the tattoo industry. She realised that there is a high demand for her type of ‘look’ she decided it was time to try my hand at professional pin-up modelling.   

She is currently working with some amazing photographers to build her portfolio.

Besides her family, dogs (she have 7!), modelling, and the businesses, travelling is her other passion.   

The date for next years’ instalment of the Toulouse Tattoo convention is fixed for the 12th and 13th January 2008.

For information you can contact Régis on
33 680 35 89 10
or visit


Text and Photgraphy: Daniel Pissondes


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