Zaragoza Tattoo Convention '09

Published: 30 September, 2009 - Featured in Skin Deep 172, May, 2009

The enormous success of the premier Zaragoza tattoo convention can be attributed to one man; Pedro Ruiz, the head of Productions MLBC who has a long and illustrious history of organising international tattoo shows throughout Spain.


More than 13,000 visitors had the opportunity to see and experience the artistic wonders of Spain’s premier tattoo artists, and the Spanish contingent were joined by many of Europe’s finest too, many of then clamouring to experience Zaragoza’s impressive debut on the convention circuit. Tattooists decorated their stands with ready artistic abandon and turned the corridors and rooms of the convention into a real gallery. Visitors could be seen gazing in admiration at the collections of paintings, sketches and skateboard decks that adorned the artists’ booths. This décor provided a great way to strike up conversation with the tattooists and also led to a number of convention-goers sitting for their first tattoo!

Booth space was at a premium by the time the doors to the show opened and many of the artists who had applied had to be informed that there simply wasn’t any room left! Next year’s convention may well be larger to accommodate all of these eager tattooists and the show’s patrons will doubtless be glad of even more talented artists, wielding machines.
Alternative activities did not cease throughout the three days, with one of the highlights being the body painting. Beautiful models were adorned with airbrushed designs and proudly displayed the fruits of the airbrush artists’ labours. The Art Fusion project too drew in vast numbers of spectators and participants, as several artists created wonderful and spectacular designs in tandem!

Tattooees were frequent and in vast numbers, with many of them undertaking work that would ultimately require several sessions to see the completion of the tattoo. However, some were crafted with the competitions in mind and these pieces were presented to the discerning eye of the judges, with many people clamouring to see who would triumph.

The professionalism displayed by Productions MLBC was once again exemplary and with shows in Valencia (12-13-14 June), Madrid (19-20-21 June), Cambrils (7-8-9 August) and Castellón (4-5-6 September), it is another busy and productive year for Pedro Ruiz and his team. You can contact Pedro via


Text and Photos: Inigo Abril


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