Cover Star - Fiona Bergson

Published: 22 June, 2011 - Featured in Skin Deep 200, June, 2011

Having been a successful model for a number of years, Fiona Bergson has turned her attention to where she goes next in her career, and she’s a busy bee that’s for sure. What better line of fire to take than asking ten really stupid questions? Actually, they’re not all stupid, but you get the picture...

Do you ever tell the world via twitter what you had for breakfast?

"[laughs] Twitter isn’t a tool that I use for social networking, but if I had to use it, I would only share stuff that deserves to be known."

What explanation can you give for being on the cover of the all-time best selling issue of Skin Deep?

"Its the frenchy-side! Honestly, I have no clue. I’m just really glad that tattoo fans appreciated the issue; and I’m even more honoured to have the chance to be on the cover of Skin Deep again."

Over on your blog, where people ask you dumb stuff and say things like, ‘How did you get so sexy?’ Do you ever wish people would ask you proper questions like, ‘What do you think of the situation in the Middle East?’ Or is it fine just the way it is?

"Rule #1: Never give personal opinions on serious subjects via social networks. I prefer to have those kind of discussions when I am with friends or in other social situations, but not when I’m in front of my PC. So I guess I don’t mind those ‘light’ questions and besides, who would not like receiving such compliments – not me!"

You moved to Canada last year - is that right? Have you met any bears yet? Or raccoons? And what’s Canada got that you couldn’t get anywhere else?

"Yep, I moved to Canada last year, and contrary to all beliefs, I did not meet any bears, raccoons or moose either for that matter! Being here has allowed me to meet some of the most amazing people; and on the professional side it’s pretty easy to evolve in the tattoo industry - which compensates for the cold weather that we have 75% of the year!"

If you asked Oly what the dumbest thing you had ever done was, what would he say?

"As I was writing this answer, Oly reminded me of this little anecdote [even if I’m not sure it’s the dumbest] – six years ago, I found this little angry cat in the alley and I decided to keep him. So I bring it back to our apartment and I decided to hide it from Oly (hoping that he wouldn’t notice), but the scratches that I had all over my body because of this cat kinda betrayed me!"

This is your shot to tell the world about your new venture - Imperial Tattoo Connexion - what’s it all about?

"Imperial Tattoo Connexion represents the passion that I have for this art. I had the chance to meet Jack Ribeiro, Milosch and Toxyc; who are all masters in their own work. One year ago, I asked to become their official distributor in the US and Canada. At the time, Toxyc didn’t have any sketchbooks done, so I made it my first priority. I had to regroup 12 years of drawings with the help of my graphic designer and Oly. After we completed his first sketchbook, other artists trusted me for their exclusive distribution of sketchbooks/prints/posters in Canada, namely; Jason Butcher, Thomas Kynst and Lukas Zpira.

I’d say that I distribute mainly drawings/sketchbooks and ‘tattoo flash’; made by tattoo artists, for tattoo artists and tattoo enthusiasts alike. I hope, with the help of my gallery, that people in Montreal will discover the best black & grey and realistic tattoo artists from all over the world.

Everybody should follow the evolution of Imperial Tattoo Connexion at"

What was the last movie you went to see? Can you give us your opinion on it in about ten words?

"The last film I watched? Well, every week I’m in a theatre to see some new movies, so I guess it would be X-men: First Class. For fans of the Marvel series and superheroes genre, this is a real feast for the eyes!"

What’s really exciting you at the moment in the tattoo world? What have you seen anything recently that you think the whole world should know about?

"The internet allows us to discover lots of amazing artists and tons of awesome artworks. If I had to choose I would say the incredible paintings of Robert Hernandez (especially the ones he did at a Carlton Hotel); the oil paintings of Carlos Torres and many other digital tattoo drawings that will be coming out pretty soon. For the record, I am currently building a project with a very talented artist as we speak - so stay tuned!"

Can you play any musical instruments?

"Yes! I play guitar. Not well enough to make my own band, but I’m practising a lot more these days. My neighbours can testify for that! The last song I’ve learned to play is Bombtrack by Rage Against the Machine."

If you had to describe the last 12 months, what were your biggest accomplishments and achievements?

"In the last 12 months, I’ve had the chance to fulfil one of my dreams by opening my Society, and launching a new tattoo shop in collaboration with the excellent tattoo artist, Oly Anger. Just the fact that I can evolve through my work, makes it all worth it."

For more information on Imperial Tattoo Connexion or Oly Anger’s tattoo shop:


Text: Sion Smith; Photography: Fabou