Cry For Silence

Published: 01 November, 2008 - Featured in Skin Deep 166, November, 2008

Sick and tired of looking at the new wave of bands who gloomily stare out at you from the pages of rock magazines? Yes, this is one reason why Cry For Silence, the latest signings to UK label Visible Noise, are a band that grabs your attention.

Minutes after entering the studio, the five members of Cry for Silence had warmed up from the cold outside and were engaged in a good-hearted arm wrestling match. Just like their music, their attitude to this shoot was a refreshing change. Somehow, in between bouts, I was able to interview they guys about tattoos and music.

Lead guitarist Alessandro Venturella (also known as V-man) was the first to roll his sleeves up. Being inspired by metal god Kerry King from Slayer and the black-work in Tarentino's ‘Dusk Til Dawn’ Al soon found himself drawn towards the tattooist’s chair. Having taken the time to think about his ink Al ended up with his whole right sleeve being done by Xed Le Head, an inverted cross on his leg by Stu Demise and a Pushead sleeve drawn by Frank Carter (who is now equally well known as the frontman for the Gallows). In the future he wants to get his arm finished off by Frank but admits, “Frank is a busy guy these days, hopefully at some point we will both be in the same place at the same time and I’ll manage to get it completed!”

Adam, their tattooed front man has similar intentions; “I want to get my sleeves finished off and move onto my neck. It’s just a matter of time and money”, he chuckles, half jokingly offering his skin up for more tattooists.

“My good friend Charlie O’Riely is my tattooist of choice. He did my arms as I think being tattooed is a really personal thing and it made sense for me to get tattooed by a good artist who is also a friend. I’ve had work done at Gold Tattoos in Kings Cross, Frith Street and some at Charlie’s. Really, wherever he is working is where I’ll go and get tattooed”. Adam’s first tattoo was a CFS logo on his ankle, as a testament to his faith in the band, even though he is the first to admit that he nearly ruined it by not being able to keep still during the application stage!

Music has been Adam’s main inspiration for his tattoos, ranging from the Alkaline Trio song title ‘Goodbye Forever’ on his arm through to his Morrissey wrist tattoos. “I’ve been a fan of his music for a long time, so when he autographed my wrists and I told him I was going to get it tattooed over, I was stoked to see that he loved the idea”. Finding further inspiration from the bold and strong styles of old schoolwork like Sailor Jerry, Adam is keen on getting tattooed by Adam Barton or Grez too.

Adam isn’t the only band member to have a Cry for Silence a tattoo; Al also has CFS inked onto his body. The bass guitarist of Cry for Silence is currently looking into what he wants to represent being part of CFS, and is torn between some ideas representing specific themes or songs. Considering the artwork for their debut album ‘ 'The Glorious Dead’ is penned by none other than rising star Dan Mumford (who is responsible for many good record sleeves including the classic Gallows ‘ Wolves’ artwork). As the only unmarked member of the band he has had access to a lot of advise for a first time tattoo. “I really like intricate tattoos with lots of shading and use of skin colour breaking through the surface. But first off I need to find a really good tattooist who specializes in shading and fine art tattooing, oh and a pot of gold to pay him with.” Joking aside he acknowledges that it’s a big step for him and he wants his first piece not just to be well-made but also to be large, “Even looking at the photos in Skin Deep you can see how much time and skill goes into a good tattoo. I’ve seen a lot of tattoos on friends which I regret on their behalf!”

Testament to how times are changing, the band finds that being visibly tattooed is a really good way to break the ice when meeting new people. Unlike a lot of people no one in the band regrets any of their tattoos, possibly because they spent a lot of time thinking about what they wanted to get, rather than rushing in asking for a whole sleeve to be done in a single session. Their closing advise to anyone who is getting caught up in the tattoo bug and rushing their art is to remember, “Ink is for life, it’s not just a scene”.


Words and Photography: Al Overdrive


Skin Deep 166 1 November 2008 166