‘Marked’ Debuts on British Screens

Published on: 07 June, 2010

Our American cousins may have already been treated to this History channel documentary that explores the power tattoos have in uniting individuals, but here in good ol’ Blighty, it’s finally our turn.

The brainchild of industry mogul Mario Barth, Marked takes a particular look into the symbolism of tattooing amongst the criminal fraternity and the ingenious means by which they create tattoos from the most unlikely of material. It scours the globe for participants, from the penal colonies of the West Coast through to Russia, and of course, to the Japanese underworld. One episode is set to explore the meanings behind military tattooing in the USA, although this does seem a little out of context when compared to the rest of the schedule. Well, at least Marked's not exclusively about naughty Nigels and Nancys...

I maintain hope that the series will really (excuse the bad pun) get under the skin of the subject, but I’m reserving judgement until I’ve seen a couple of episodes.


You stay beautiful, Big Tattoo Planet.


Marked is aired on the History channel (Sky channel 529 and in HD on 545) tonight (June 7th) at 22:00.