A Tribute To Herbert Hoffman

Published on: 05 July, 2010

Truly sad news for tattoo aficionados everywhere reached us last week: the great Herbert Hoffman has passed away.

Anybody who has met him enthuses over his kind nature and unwavering passion for tattooing, and he continued the work he loved until the very end. Herbert was a keen photographer and documented the tattoos he both made and found on his travels, eventually releasing a tome entitled Living Picture Books: Portraits of a Tattooing Passion 1878-1952, which remains a seminal archive in the early history of electric tattooing. A selection of photos following on from this era is preserved for all to see on his personal site, which will undoubtedly become a place many come to pay their respects.


His influence on modern tattooing cannot be overstated and as he was famed for his signature anchor, I leave you with this video from 2007 of Herbert making a tattoo of this very motif.


With the greatest respect, RIP Herbert Hoffman.