Horimasa - book review

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Published on: 08 September, 2009

Author: Horimasa/Crystal Morey
Gomineko Press: Available from www.gominekobooks.com
Price: $150


Stunning. That’s the only word I can muster to describe this tome. There is not one element that stands proud of another because everything about “Horimasa” is deftly detailed, from the actual content right down to the presentation and binding of the book. You may well remember that we revealed quite a bit about the author and his magnum opus in the Spring issue of Tattoo Master Magazine, but we have decided to review it too, purely on its merits as an exquisite compendium of Japanese reference material. 84 pages are filled with beautifully rendered sketches – some shaded, some left as line drawings - of demons, geisha, and many characters from the ethereal ukiyo-e realms, with the latter end of the book containing a number of Horimasa’s clients, their magnificent dermal adornments captured by renowned photographer Geoff Johnson.
    Horimasa is undoubtedly a traditionalist in everything right down to the painstaking tebori technique he employs, but these creations of his are individual to him, and whilst they pay homage to the woodblock artists of old, he retains sensibilities of both reverence and progress. As a source of inspiration for anyone enamoured with authentic Japanese tattooing, “Horimasa” is faultless and is worth its weight in coils.