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Published: 01 July, 2005 - Featured in Skin Deep 123, July, 2005

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Winning Letter 

Dear Skin Deep,

What a difference a couple of years make in the grand old world of tattooing. Having not seen the guys from the studio where I lost my ink virginity for a couple of years, I was hugely hacked off to discover, on returning to said studio, the changed attitude towards me, as well as the industry as a whole. Clearly a souped up shop and some dulcet whale sound music are enough to turn what used to be a friendly place into a den of pompous pricks. This is I guess why this studio loiters around as a city best known for its cutlery’s second best tattoo studio. And with a third hot new contender on the rise, perhaps it is time to consign the whale music and fart like ambiance to the back of the CD rack where they belong, along with such a precocious attitude. 

This experience highlighted to me, that, while my ink brings me into proximity with some of the ‘bestest and most friendliest people on the planet, it also unfortunately lands you in the lap of some truly jumped up losers. I will no longer look back on losing my ink virginity with the same memory of excitement tinged pleasure and will instead regret having lost it at a studio blinded by money at the expense of all else.


Tattooed Tootsies 



Hi Skin Deep,

I have just had my ninth tattoo finished (this includes a full back piece) by Ray Hunt from Medway Tattoo & piercing studio in Rochester, Kent. I just wanted to give Ray a mention, even though he has had many pictures printed in Skin Deep and Skin Shots.

Ray is everything good about the tattoo industry, friendly, extremely helpful, caring (he won’t like me saying that) and in my opinion a truly great tattoo artist.

I hear of and read so many tails of unhelpful, rude, shoddy tattooists so I thought it only right to give a mention to one of the good guys.

To that end I would like to say a big thank you Ray for all the hard work you have put into my tattoos over the past 4 years, and for the work yet to be carried out.

John (customer & friend)



Dear Skin Deep,

It really made my blood boil after reading the letter by ‘Gaz’ about the tattooist he visited in Bolton. Fortunately however, there is a tattooist in Bolton whose reputation is undeniable. My husband has an extensive collection of tattoos accumulated over the years and a large majority of them have been done by out top guy. Dave T of House of Tattoos on Derby street. My husband has had a few cover-ups done by Dave as well as tattoos on ‘Virgin Skin’ I myself have tattoos done by Dave, from my first pair of unicorns, a fantastic back piece (if I say so myself), a chest piece, tattoos on both arms and my latest which is a wizard on my leg.

My point is that Dave’s work/talent is so comprehensive to the extent that whatever you want (more or less) he will or can accommodate.

The opinion we have of Dave is also shared by many others and he deserves the reputation that he has. He’s an award-winning artist, not just in words or on paper, but in Skin Deep too.


Sheila and John Taziker



Hi Neil,

Here’s the situation, a quite ironic one! 

While in our back garden last week catching some rays our youngest daughter Emma unwittingly uncovers a tattoo on her left breast, a small black butterfly. Shirley and I were completely stunned that someone would tattoo a minor and risk loosing his licence and possibly his livelihood. I have read so much about this type of situation but never thought for one minute it could arrive at my front door, it did and it has! 

Emma has only just turned 16yrs in May this year but apparently had the tattoo done last year when she was only 15years old. She was tattooed in some studio in Blackpool while visiting there with some friends on a day trip. We are both very upset by this situation.

Three years before legal age yet this guy tattooed her! As anyone with children will know 3 years makes a helluva lot of difference to their children’s appearance especially during their teens. Between 13 and 18yrs are changing years especially to her mind and how she might view this situation when at the legal age to be tattooed.  But too late to change her mind now!

To me and most people Emma looks older than her years but she only needs to speak to anyone to recognise that she is younger than the years she looks so how is it that some unscrupulous fucker in Blackpool can get away tattooing my daughter at 15 yrs old? I would find it hard to believe he would not be at least a little suspicious of her age but tattoo her he did, and now risks loosing his lively hood or at the very least being prosecuted for tattooing a minor, once I find out the studio. She is still very reluctant to tell me the name but being her dad I’m persistent and she will tell me sometime soon. I have a few questions I’d like to ask the artist...What happened to asking for identification?

The ironic thing about this is we make the aftercare for healing, isn’t that the irony of this situation.

I’d like this to go to print in the letters page if possible to highlight that there is someone in Blackpool that tattoos minors and hope he recognises that he tattooed a minor, my daughter, with a little black butterfly on her upper left breast during the summer hols last year. Hope to meet him soon for some answers!

Best regards. 

Jim, The Hemp Company



To the Editor and Tattoo readers of Skin Deep,

Recently I released a set of old school flash based on burnt and water-damaged designs recovered from an old museum fire. I redrew the designs with the same style and technique and following some of the original designs. At this time I did not know the original artist, but it has now been brought to my attention that the original artist is called DAVE ROBB. I fully and publicly apologise for this to Dave and would like all artistic credit for the flash to go to him and hope he realises that there was no malice or deception intended and on my request the set has been withdrawn and is no longer available.



Blessed Be



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