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Published: 08 August, 2006 - Featured in Skin Deep 136, August, 2006

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Winning Letter 


I’m not going to start this by saying how much I love your mag and read it every month but I guess I just have!

My name is Laura Hoy and I was wondering if you could do me one favour and answer me one question?  

Favour one: I recently opened my Skin Deep magazine and to my surprise saw a picture of someone who used to be a very good friend of mine in a feature you done of the Speedfreaks Ball.  The girl on page 28 with the old school lady was a smashing friend of mine who I miss very much and wondered if you would have the means of contacting her?

Eleanor Barth used to stay pretty close to me when we were both 18(ish). I was lucky enough to be running my own business as a body piercer, working beside a very well established tattoo artist and Eleanor and I would get up to all the things young ladies shouldn’t be getting up too!  

We were both into the same kind of music, clothes and most of all tattoos. I have an old school sleeve and have been tattooed since the age of 16. Tattooing has always been a huge part of my life and like a lot of young females from fairly small towns, I found it hard to meet people who would except me let alone get along with me. I got a partial apprenticeship with a well known body piercing studio in Glasgow at the age of 16 but was too young and after a while the piercer didn’t feel his customers would be happy being pierced by someone so young so I left with one thought in my head and that was to open my own shop.  After working a lot of crappy jobs and help from my dad, financially, I finally got the opportunity to set up with a local tattooist from my home-town. This gave me everything I had always wanted and I was in my element. I met a lot of good friends from other tattoo studios and of course Eleanor.

Anyway, its been 7 years and so much has changed, Eleanor moved away and we lost touch, I am now married with a beautiful 1 1/2 year old daughter and sadly I no longer have my studio. The friends I have made through tattooing are still very much friends and many now have their own shops, in fact you featured a very good friend of my husband and mine in the same issue (Kenny Mitchell).  One thing has stayed consistent In my life and that is tattooing and my love for it. Is it possible to get my details to Eleanor?

The second question:  Do you/would you ever feature the story of a person who’s love is tattooing but isn’t a tattooist with a fab shop or at a convention or has a body suit?

I would love to be featured in your magazine with a few pics of an ordinary wife and mother who just happens to be in love with and covered in ink! Look forward to hearing from you,

Laura Hoy,


Scotland,  email:

Hi Laura

I’m afraid I don’t have any contact details but I have included a photo from the article that might jog some people’s memory and hopefully you can get in touch again.

As for you second question, I am always looking for tattooed individuals and couples to photograph. All you need to do is send in some sample photos of you and your work to Skin Deep, The Old School, Higher Kinnerton, Chester. CH4 9AJ or email some to and you never know, you could be gracing the pages of Skin Deep in the not too distant future.



Hi Skin Deep

Just a short rant. I have wanted a tattoo for the last 8 years, since designing one or two in a maths class when I was 15. Having only just got the ability to get my 1st (coming of age), I went to many tattooists around the Wolverhampton and Dudley area to get advice, help, etc. However, as I had just left work where I have to wear shirt and tie, I was scorned, mocked and basically rejected from each one that I went to, almost as if I was getting a tattoo as a fashion statement. 

It’s not, I have wanted one for many, many years and I have thought it all through! Luckily help was at hand, but unfortunately for me it was in St. Ives, Cornwall. Upon visiting the studio, I was talked to, advised and eventually tattooed (thanks girls. healed well, and I will be back!). 

I went back to get my second tattoo, back home, where again I was pushed away by basic ignorance of the tattooists. It seems a shame that I’m constantly told that tattooists are happy guys and really helpful, but I have to travel such a great distance to find someone that meets this image!

This hasn’t stopped me, it just means I will have to travel away from my home for a decent tattooist and I won’t advise my friends to use those tattooists which scorned me, which I think is a real shame! Rant over.

Thanks, Guy



Dear Skin Deep

This is a rant, a warning, and thankfully a couple of recommendations. As one who lives in Camden and having read a previous letter in ‘Inkoming’, I must reply. In search of a new tattooist after many years since my last tattoo, I took a walk into Camden High Street. Lately a number of tattoo shops have appeared in Camden, ranging from the outrageously expensive to the downright dodgy. One of them left me absolutely speechless. (You know who you are if you are reading this)

I asked the ‘receptionist’ who had been ignoring me, if I could see the photo albums of the artists work, a perfectly normal request. She replied ‘A photo what? What do you wanna see one of those for? We don’t have a photo whatsit books, don’t need ‘em. Look, this is Camden, we’re hardly going to have a shit artist in Camden are we? Look, there’s plenty of drawn pictures in loads of them picture books, alright? Why don’t you just trust us, you have to have trust right? Needless to say I turned on my heels and got out as soon as I could.

I then ventured into Frith Street Tattoo in Soho. It’s been a long time, so I was totally nervous. The lads were great, professional, clean and friendly. Charley spent ages getting the sketch just right and put me completely at ease. My new tattoo has received a lot of admiring comments and friends have taken the their address.

More importantly, I love it and will definitely be going back.

NW1 does have something good however, just outside the hustle and bustle of Camden is Flamin’ Eight in Kentish Town. Impressed with my mate’s tattoos, I’ve booked in the Naresh, who again takes his time and is refreshingly without any attitude. I’m looking forward to my new tattoo’s completion.

Thanks Skin Deep for giving us the Inkcoming page for a rant and cheers to Frith St and Flamin’ Eight.

Yours, Mandy

Hi Mandy

It certainly sounds like you have found two great tattoo studios. You did absolutely the right thing in asking to see the artist’s portfolio and photos of his/hers work. If they can’t produce current photographs of their work, how are you to know if their work is up to standard and of the style you want? Neil


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