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Published: 01 November, 2006 - Featured in Skin Deep 139, November, 2006

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Winning Letter


Hi Skin Deep! 

I was very alarmed at ‘Kev’s’ letter in issue no 138. Skin Deep is an adult magazine that covers an adult topic, and I don’t think has ever claimed to be a family magazine? I’m always deeply worried about the thought of censorship on any level. The best form of censorship is don’t look!  

I thought the article in the previous issue (Clement & Hellen) was beautifully photographed and I enjoyed reading it. The worrying thing is people like Kev might voice their odd opinions to a level where we in the future might see a Skin Deep with stars blotting out the naughty bits which possibly will blot the body art we are trying to see?  I truly hope that will never be the case, as adults we should always be able to choose what we wish to see or not… whatever the case may be! 

I suggest the Kev’s of this world buy the TV Times, - he is then unlikely to see a bit of boob or a gorgeous girl in a bikini!  

Keep up the good work - and beautiful photography, 

Let Gray 


Dear Skin Deep,

I’ve been a tattooist for 7 years and, as we all know, we get to tattoo some pretty grim customers at times. However, I’ve met my match and I’m running out of excuses. I’m actually on maternity leave at the moment so I’ve told this girl that I wont be tattooing until baby is born but this girl lives in the same town as me and is constantly hassling about a tattoo and piercings. My husband and I took our son out for a meal last night and she was in the bar - very drunk and even followed us to our table and me to the WC! Unfortunately, her priority isn’t personal hygiene- greasy hair, dirty fingernails, and body odor - need I go on? She’s also telling me how much she’s already been quoted and she’s sure I’ll do it cheaper! (Think she’s decided that she is going to be my new best buddy!)  Anyway, come December when baby arrives I’ll have no more excuses left; I’ll have to be blunt. So to all your readers of this magazine - “This is not the ideal way to endear yourself to your tattooist and piercer.” Please don’t act this way as it’s: 1) embarrassing and 2) likely to get you an insult rather than a tattoo.  

Thank you for a fantastic magazine. 

Best Wishes,

Sara  (St Ives, Cornwall.) via email:


Hi Neil/Skin Deep,

Wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for a great mag!

You don’t know it but you and your guys have helped me with a condition that I have had for 6 years.

I suffer from really bad panic attacks, yes I know you and the office will probably laugh and say it’s all in the mind, which it is, but believe you me, it’s a horrible, horrible disorder! Imagine your worst fears being realized then multiply it by 10. Not nice!

Anyway enough of that, what I wanted to say was that part of my recovery has been, getting into tattoos again, this forced me out of the house to get some work done.... in the end I got a full arm sleeve by Anastasis of Titan Tattoo. However I must say the hardest part was the fear of the journey rather than the pain! something anyone new to tattoos would laugh at huh? Anastasis is totally understanding and a really cool guy to boot. 

So my next big step: I am going to try my best to attend the London Tattoo convention, I am very, very nervous about this but at the same time intrigued about what goes on at these do’s. Just the right combination to set this as a goal for me. I don’t know if I will make it (we can’t put pressure on ourselves to realize goals, as it ends up being counter productive; causes more anxiety, see) but at the moment I’m just enjoying the excitement of having made my mind up to go, you don’t know how that feels, makes one feel semi normal again.

Anyway if I get there, I hope I will enjoy it and not feel like running away, I will let you guys know.

Oh by the way just wanted to share this with you ‘cos I feel great, I am not after sympathy or anything like that, so please take it as its meant, a thank you.




Dear Skin Deep,

I was really looking forward to going to Derby, State of the Art tattoo convention this year and getting some new ink. However, my tattoo artist has just informed me that she has no space this year, which has seriously gutted me, so I cancelled my plans to go to Derby.

You have to ask yourself, the age-old question? Does loyalty count? I have been going to the same artist for four years and I really love this artist’s work. Will new customers be as loyal? This is the third time this has happened to me. What with the up and coming talent that is coming onto the scene you would think that keeping the existing custom would be paramount. However what price loyalty?

Many thanks Skin Deep,



Hi Skin Deep,

Don’t alternative looking people have enough issues with their individuality without opening their favourite magazine to discover their identity has been misrepresented? I am referring to a letter printed in issue136 from a reader, Laura Hoy who wished to contact Eleanor Barth. My grievance is this; I am this Eleanor Barth formerly of Kilmarnock, Scotland but I am afraid you owe some (very good looking) lady an apology as the girl in the photo beneath this letter is not, in fact, me but a very clever look-alike! To save any further confusion I am now and was previously called Eleanor Barth but most people will know me from the time I worked in Camden’s London Piercing Studio and used my ex-husband’s name and was therefore known as Eleanor Hobbs-Calais. 

I am so grateful to Skin Deep for putting me in contact with my friend again. When you grow up in an isolated community, commonly known as the sticks or this dead-end shit hole, like-minded friends and an excellent resource for Tattooing and Body Art like Skin Deep can be the only thing that helps maintain your passion.

My excellent friend Laura is a master patron of the body arts and a strong and intelligent tattooed lady. Furthermore she has a fascinating life story and devilish good looks and she did much to smash the stereotypes that many small-town people have about the alternative community, especially the idea that all heavily tattooed girls are freakish and unattractive!

Therefore I must conclude that Laura Hoy is an ideal candidate for a Skin Deep feature and that the happy ending to this story will be (even more) complete when you feature this deserved reader in your excellent magazine. 

Thank you so much Friends Reunited, sorry Skin Deep, 

Much love,  


(I would be really, really grateful if you would feature my letter and print my email address for anyone who wishes to contact me. Thanks.


Hi Skin Deep,

Just wanted to let you know that after spotting your ad for Designs on you II at Beverley, Leeds. I went to see Netty and explained I wanted a full sleeve of black and grey work and within half an hour Netty had designed, and started to tattoo my arm completely freehand. After 2.5 hrs and not a flash design in site, she had tattooed my arm from wrist to elbow on the front of my forearm. I will be going back for the rear of my arm in the next couple of weeks. What an artist! I have 11 other tattoos and I wish I had found her sooner. Not only is she a stunner, she is a great artist, friendly and makes you feel completely at ease. I would recommend her to anyone. So thanks Skin Deep for introducing me to a great artist.

Jed from Leeds


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