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Published: 01 November, 2007 - Featured in Skin Deep 152, November, 2007

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Winning Letter

Hello there

Firstly I’d like to say thank you for publishing such a high quality magazine. I found this article this morning in the technology section of the Guardian Online website and thought it might be of interest and raise a few questions for people who already have tattoos or are considering them. The article can be found at   

I think the first thing I thought about upon seeing it was the term ‘regret free tattoo’ and the possible connotations the article may have. I’m sure any decent tattooist takes time to make sure the customer is happy with design and placement to ensure the whole process will not be regrettable and the person will be happy with their body art. I guess my main concern is that people seeing this article, and ones like it, will think of a tattoo as something that’s more easily disposable so it doesn’t matter if you do change your mind. I’m not saying this new method wont be useful to people who genuinely do wish they hadn’t got a tattoo or those who wish to aid a cover up but maybe if everyone gave as much thought and effort to their tattoo before they had it done then the need to find the best laser treatment wouldn’t be as much of an effort. This isn’t a rant in any way; I just thought it posed some interesting questions. Hope the article is of interest to you.

Louise, Cardiff


Dear Skin Deep

I am not normally one to raise issues or write letters to magazines I choose to read however, what is going on with you guys? Each month less of your publication is dedicated to tattoos (it does say TATTOO magazine on the front by the way!) and more precious space is being used on feature upon feature of scarification, body mods and suspension! I am not exactly narrow-minded sporting near-sleeved arms and many other tattoos but if I wanted to see this kind of thing in my monthly read I would buy Tarentino Monthly or Hammer Horror comics! Come on; get back to your tattooed roots! Give these odd-bods a read of their own! 


SD: We do try to please everyone Karilyne! Since the demise of Piercing World there has been little to showcase the world of body modification and there are people who enjoy all aspects of it, from tattooing to suspension! 


Dear Skin Deep

I thought I’d just write in to tell you about a tattoo I’ve just had started, when I was a teenager I like most guys my age had a Celtic band on my arm and another black thing done on my forearm, as the years went by I realised how bad they actually looked, I started reading Skin Deep to see what I could do about getting a cover up, I thought it’d be impossible because they were both black, Skin Deep taught me that black is as easy to cover up as any other colour, so that was it I decided I wanted to get a Japanese sleeve and a few people had mentioned about a relatively new tattoo shop in Plymouth called “Spike at the Art”  after seeing a lot of work the artist (Mike Hicks) had done on people I know I decided there and then he was the guy to do my sleeve. There was a 3 month waiting list but that didn’t bother me as the work I had seen was amazing, I got told to do a bit of research into what type of design I wanted and things like that and come back a week before it!

When that week came, I came with handfuls of magazine and printed pages all labelled with designs I liked the thought of colours and lots of other elements, there were so many things I liked and would like on me there were too many to choose from, the only thing I was a 100%  on wanting was a dragons head on my chest. 

Mike said leave it with him, when I came back for my first sitting he had a few things drawn out one was the meanest looking dragon I had ever seen, I fell in love with it straight away. He also had a geisha and a koi drawn out, the rest he drew on free hand (including a wicked mask on my elbow!) I’ve just came back from my 2nd session and my arm looks alive, literally, I think between his amazing work and the professionalism of his whole team they deserve to be mentioned in your magazine, I think if anyone in the south west (or further afield cause he’s that good) wants a work of art on them this is the place to go. 

Thanks for your time, and thanks to Spike at the Art, 

Yours, Jody Wilkinson



I was recently told that a ‘friends’ daughter wanted a tattoo. I informed the 15 year old and her mother that this was illegal and received a barrage of abuse from both. Then informed me that they would go to Sheffield, as they know there is a shop that will do it for her. I am now disgusted as this 15 year old girl has now got stars on her foot, mummy thinks this is funny.

Robert Webb

SD: You were right to inform them both of the law Robert. The Tattooing of Minors Act 1969 states that, “It shall be an offence to tattoo a person under the age of eighteen except when the tattoo is performed for medical reasons by a duly qualified medical practitioner or by a person working under his direction. The tattooist in question would also be subject to a fine of anything up to £2000 if convicted.


Hi there

First of all Neil I just want to say what a fantastic read Skin Deep is and keep up the good work.

I have just caught the first two episodes of London Ink, and to be honest I can’t say I’m very impressed, Please tell me why Dan was taken on in the first place; not only does he have a lot of emotional and anger problems but you can clearly see how it affects his work. The line work of that Buick American car he did on that guys arm was terrible to say the least. And that graffiti style lettering underneath was nothing short of a rush job. The other artists in the shop clearly know what they are doing and are prepared for their clients well in advance. Maybe he should step back a bit and learn from them a bit more instead of diving in there with out much thought to what he is doing. I really do hope he improves his attitude towards his profession. Lets hope the series lives up to all the hype it’s been having and does justice to the British Tattoo scene that artists all over the country are hoping for. 

Thank you, C Roberts, Birmingham.

SD: Having seen much of Dan’s previous work and based on his appearances at many conventions, I would be inclined to defend him. Remember that television producers edit their shows to portray people however they want to and aren’t averse to vilifying characters for the entertainment of others. 


Dear Neil

I would just like to bring to your attention the excellent work done by tattooist Sam at Fallen Angel studio on Lark Lane, Liverpool. I have had multiple hair transplant surgery over the years and this has unfortunately stretched the skin at the back of my scalp, leaving a very wide scar, which was extremely conspicuous and distressing. Despite the scar tissue being very thick as well as wide, Sam’s perseverance in addition to her sensitive approach to an unusual challenge has paid dividends. The scar is now able to be adequately concealed when my hair is adequately long, and for this I am very grateful. I would have had no other alternative, as so-called cosmetic tattooing was inadequate and didn’t ‘take’ at all, and several surgeons have advised that scar revision would be too risky. I though you would appreciate information regarding this unusual tattooing case, and the excellent work done at Fallen Angel.

Yours sincerely, Doctor Ashok Tandan

SD: It’s always great to hear of tattoos helping people, and it sounds like Sam has done great job! Between this and the nipple tattooing we may just change some Sunday newspaper columnist’s opinions of our beloved art form…


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