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Published: 01 September, 2008 - Featured in Skin Deep 163, August, 2008

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Hi Skin Deep

I’m a 43 year old female who is heavily tattooed on my upper body, back, sides, and half sleeves work in progress. 

I work in a special school supporting children, working alongside other professionals, although I have never been without prejudice regarding my artwork. There will always be the same old, same old stigma, which will always be there I’m afraid regarding women with tattoos, whether you have pretty flowers or masculine themes people will always judge and pass comment. 

For me personally, tattoos are a beautiful form of art and a beautiful way of expression of whom, not what I am.  

I have lived with primary Lymphodema in my left leg for most of my adult life; this limits me to what I can materially wear, especially during the summer, shorts etc, but mostly footwear.  

Being a woman this makes me feel very upset and frustrated at times. I would absolutely love to have both legs fully tattooed, but this is not without risk.   

Being tattooed, I feel I am in control of my life and myself, not the other way round. 

I have gained so much self-respect and confidence through my tattooed journey, in which I intend to carry on with and displaying my artwork, which I admire everyday and know I will wear on my skin forever.  

Regards, Fee 


Big Up Your Artist! 

Hi Skin Deep

Nowadays tattoos are more acceptable and becoming a form of art, and we seldom forget to whom the honour really has to go, the tattoo artist.

Having badly done tattoos back in South Africa, I chose my artist very carefully. After the third referral to Tattoo UK, I decided to give them a try.  There I’ve met Terry Walters, a very talented professional tattoo artist who takes pride and joy in his work.  He is also honest and will give you his best advise and opinion.  I was very impressed and the relationship and trust just grew from there.

Recently, Terry asked me if I would mind if he could tattoo me at the State of the Art Tattoo Convention 2008, held at Derby.  I felt very honoured and lucky to be Terry’s ‘canvas’ at the show and what an exciting weekend it was!

With this letter, I want to thank my artist, Terry Walters, for the most astonishing piece of art he has done for me at the convention and I’m honoured  and proud for having him as my artist.  I also promise, for every compliment I receive, I will make sure that every one will know who the tattoo artist is.  I have made a friend for life and will never trust anybody else to work on me. Dude, you’re stuck with me!

I’m looking forward and can’t wait for my next appointment with Terry at Tattoo UK!



Check Out Your Chosen Artist 

Hi guys

First off let me say I’ve been a long-term reader (as everyone) of your publication, and I have to say that the mag has come along leaps and bounds since your early days. The quality of “Ink-manship” you show on your pages are without a doubt of the highest quality, which is why I feel I should send you this letter. 

I’ve noticed from many of my own tattoos and many of my friends and family’s work that there are still a number of poor quality artists plying their trade within Scotland and England (I apologise for using only these two examples, the reason being I have only been and know individuals who have been tattooed in these two countries). My main annoyance here is the lack of any real ambition or pride in certain artist’s work, and as you can all imagine I am not by any means generalising the greats this country has provided, nor the artists who wish to further the community we live our life in, or themselves. I am discussing the artists who do not understand that the mass quality of work nowadays is much higher, with many tattoos being as detailed, if not more so, as the classical painters. 

I can appreciate that not everyone on the scene can be a modern day Michelangelo; I understand it takes many years to become great at what you do and I know you can’t jump 10 feet without taking the first step. Yet you have to understand these artists cannot be allowed to butcher individuals and expect to be paid for the pleasure. 

I saw a memorial tattoo from a local tattoo shop last week that really angered me, A chap went in to have “Remember” tattooed on his arm for his mother and daughter who had passed away. Only the tattoo he got (as you can imagine) did not say “Remember” it said “Rember” - what disgusted me more was that he was charged £100 for this blooper. 

I know we all get things wrong, we are after all only human, but to have this very personal tattoo tarnished in such a way is an insult to the tattoo community. 

The only shred of advice I could possibly give to any of you wishing to get tattooed for the first time is research not only the shop and artist but please check with any past customers of the shop you decide to use as they can give you a greater insight into the end product.    

As I said however there are some truly inspirational artists out there who can and will give you a top quality piece of ink, and I know this has been said before in this mag, but I feel it has to be acknowledged more as this is still occurring on a regular basis. If we don’t wish these artists to continue to sully the fine name of British tattooing we have to nip it in the bud. 

I hope this letter reaches you all in good health and happiness. 

With love Frase


Winning Letter

Tattoo Jam Sets An Example

Dear Skin Deep

I am midway through my first shift back after spending a truly awesome weekend at the Tattoo Jam. I work for the emergency services in Llandudno and am the proud owner of a Japanese sleeve. I get very mixed reactions to my tattoo, especially in the line of work I do but that’s what is appealing to me about tattoos.  

On my first job today, the chatting soon got onto the weekend activities. I sat patiently as I listened to the ‘weirdos and thugs’ that were in Llandudno this weekend. I also heard the word ‘intimidating’ used. This may have been why there was an awkward silence when I took my jacket off.  

This is the stereotypical view that the majority of the public has and we are all aware of it. The reason I am writing is that I am new to conventions, only starting going this year. I found exactly what I expected but something so much more. I found a place where discrimination doesn’t exist. In the conventions, especially Tattoo Jam, people young or old, fat or thin, ink or no ink are all welcome. I watched as race and religion had no issue, where people who are often discriminated against could truly be themselves, all brought together by a love for art. The art we all display proudly on our bodies. 

The lesson I truly learnt this weekend is that the thugs, weirdos and intimidating outcasts which descended on Llandudno were actually setting a prime example on how the world should be. I am very proud to be part of the inked community and will carry on displaying my art in work and social life, happy in the knowledge that I am part of a following of art which welcomes each individual with open arms and with no discrimination. 

Carry on the good work and really look forward to next year’s Tattoo Jam. 




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