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Published: 29 July, 2010 - Featured in Skin Deep 188, July, 2010

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Innocence Lost


I am the proud owner of three tattoos, one on each shoulder blade, and a leg piece. I was recently introduced to a friend of a friend whom I have never met before. We got talking and this conversation led onto my tattoos. They commented that they were ''totally surprised'' to see that I have tattoos as I seem too innocent! 

Why on earth would displaying an artists work on my body make me ''less innocent'?” 

This is just a prime example of how there are still such small-minded people out there who just look at the body art and make pathetic assumptions.



Surely a Winner?

Hi there, 

I just thought I'd get in touch and let you see the awesome piece of work that I’ve just had done by Dan Henk from Austin, Texas, who came over as a special guest invited to the Liverpool Tattoo Convention. Nine hours of pain under the needle was well worth it in the end, BUT the major complaint I had was that as Dan didn’t get finished until 8pm and he hadn’t entered for the "Best Tattoo of the Day" as he wasn’t sure it would be finished in time. Despite my efforts to talk to the judges and say that Dan was a "featured guest artist" from America they wouldn’t let me enter, which seemed to also piss Dan off as in the States you can enter right up until the judging begins. As all the other tattoo artists commented on his work saying that it should have been a sure winner that day, I wanted to get in touch to give Dan the recognition he deserves for this piece of work, and also hear your views on it.

Many thanks,

Andi Hodgetts (Wakefield)


Hi Andy,

firstly congratulations on an incredible tattoo. I have been a big fan of Dan’s work for a long time and he has done you proud! Sadly, having run a few competitions at shows it is not always possible to enter tattoos right up to the last minute, that’s why usually, there is a cut-off time for competitions. 

There is quite a bit of paperwork involved to make sure the competitions are run fairly and smoothly. Can you imagine having a long line of just finished tattoos running up on stage at the last moment? It would be chaos.

I thought that the competitions at the Liverpool show were very well run but sadly “rules is rules” I’m afraid.

All the best and thanks for letting us see your superb tattoo.



Thought Provoking

Dear Skin Deep,

I have just finished flicking through my copy of Issue 186 and after reading 'Tattooing and Self Harm' felt compelled to write in, which is very unlike me.

I was absolutely horrified that there are people in the world that associate tattooing with self-harm. I know and understand that it's a personal choice whether to get tattooed or not, and there are people who will never understand why anyone would choose to mark themselves for life, or as some refer to it as 'scarring yourself for life'. I wonder if it is these people that associate tattooing with self-harm? After reading the article I spoke to a few people about their opinions and none of them agreed with it, but then again, they were all tattooed!

I myself have tattoos, and I self-harm. I think the reason I personally was so upset by the association of the two, is that my self-harming is something about myself that I absolutely cannot stand. I don't even fully understand the reasons why I do it, but if I could stop I would. I look at the scars that I've created and cringe every time I see them. Self-harming for me is the only way I can cope with the pain I feel inside.

My tattoos on the other hand, well, I can't stop staring at them! I see them as a beautiful addition to my body, something of which I am immensely proud of. In fact, one day I hope to cover up my self-harming scars with beautiful tattoos.

Is it because you are purposefully causing yourself pain whilst getting a tattoo that the two are associated? I think most tattooed folk would agree it's not the pain that gets them back in for their next ink fix, it's the end result, whereas the opposite could be said for self harming.

Anyway, these are just my thoughts! I just wanted to say as a person who has experienced both that for me the two will never ever be interlinked. Thanks for another great issue and definitely a thought-provoking piece!

Big love xxx Alex


We Must Be Doing Something Right!

Hi, Just a quick letter. 

I started reading Skin Deep last year and now subscribe. I'm so glad I do because now at the beginning of each month, I get in from work and there's my copy of Skin Deep waiting for me, which is so much better than the usual bills. 

I f***ing love Skin Deep magazine! 

Cheers.Adge Williams 



Winning Letter

Don't Forget the Little Guys

Dear Skin Deep,

I'd like to take a moment to look at the people "behind the scenes" so to speak, a look and nod to the desk monkeys, tube scrubbers and arsehole-fobbers - the lowly receptionist.

Receptionists are the first point of contact for most tattoo shops and can make or break a shops reputation with the fickle public, yet they never receive any credit as they hide behind their tattooist overlords. However without them, businesses would crumble, some artists would be lost and society as we know it could well crumble into the sea.

Therefore I suggest maybe having a poll of readers to vote for their receptionist of choice, a silverback among the throng of desk monkeys everywhere. Those receptionists that calm the nervous, get rid of the dicks, make the tea and generally keep all the cogs in the machine running smoothly. No prizes necessary, just a nod and pat on the back from the community.

Maybe I'm just talking balls, or maybe you've done this before but I think it would be nice. 

And yes, I am a receptionist!



Hi Mark,

I completely agree with you, receptionists are the linchpins of many a successful studio. You guys do have a sometimes-unenviable position as front of shop people and many studios would fall apart without your organisational skills.

I’m certain that many a nervous tattoo virgin has been calmed and reassured by the cheerful, ever-smiling and friendly face that greets them as they take those first tentative steps through the door.

You all get a big thanks from me and I’m certain that many tattooists realise that you guys keep the studios running smoothly!



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