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Published: 06 November, 2010 - Featured in Skin Deep 192, November, 2010

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Over Tree, Under Stone

Dear Skin Deep,

I would like to take some space in your magazine to praise and thank Noshka of Dead Lucky Tattoo in Boundary Road West in Hove, East Sussex - over the last few years I have had the odd tattoo done in various locations around the world, but recently had the urge to have a spiritually based tattoo done. I looked at some of the studios in my area, but found none that I felt happy with for various reasons.

I then stumbled upon Dead Lucky Tattoo and Noshka, who - from the moment I stepped into the shop – made me feel very comfortable and she very quickly understood what I wanted. The studio was spotlessly clean and bright and cheerful. As a nurse, I’m typically very aware of hygiene so was very impressed with what I saw.

We fixed a date and she asked if I had any health problems etc. As I have diabetes, I needed to have an appointment clear of my meal times - she also asked if I had any particular musical tastes and if so, to bring in what I wanted for the duration of my tattoo.

I would like to say that despite a lot of people’s ideas of tattoo artists, she has maintained a feminine quality and a superb friendly and helpful attitude. At 52, I think I may be a little older that your average collector, but I am a human being and really appreciate the attention she gave me – and presumably her other customers. To say this lady went the extra mile is an understatement - she does your profession proud.


Pagan, nurse and spiritual healer


Sticky Situation

Dear Skin Deep,

I was looking at my Mrs’ copy of your magazine the other day and read your article on the Tattoo Jam. I don’t really read your mag as I don’t like the middle class, sideburn sporting, flat capped, stretched lobed, tank-top wearing sheep that seem to have taken over the scene – you’re probably one of them.

I saw this written about Doncaster “not very glamorous or interesting city of Doncaster… Doncaster is not known for its cultural heritage”. 

What thick ignorant moron wrote that? I am not from Doncaster but it has given me a family and a living. For one it is not a city and as for not having any cultural heritage how wrong you are. Arthur Wharton the first black professional footballer worked and died here, Pegglers made most of your taps and fittings, we are built on the famous Ermine street, the market is 750 years old, Tattoo Jam is held at one of the oldest race coarses in the world which holds the Doncaster Cup.

The Flying Scotsman, Mallard and Sir Nigel Gresley were built here, it was one of the first places in the country to build aeroplanes and held the country’s first airshow. Jeremy Clarkson, Brian Blessed, Saxon and Groop Dogdrill are from here. Brassed Off and Open All Hours to name but a few were filmed here. Their own regiment the K.O.Y.L.I’s won 9 Victoria Crosses and 3 military medals. We also have the award winning Toad Brewery. 

So the next time the pond-life that wrote the article is given a job to do, let he/she clean the toilets or something more fitting to their IQ level. For more of our lack of heritage go on Donny Online. This town buzzes about the Jam so why slag it off?

Sye Buttle

"You’re right, Doncaster does indeed have a rich Industrial history and it’s always nice to hear from someone that loves and supports a city and knows it far better than a visiting writer ever will. I used the word cultural only to mean, “Relating to the arts” and actually very few cities in the UK have an arts culture, so my comment wasn’t intended to be an attack on good old Donny, rather a question as to why Doncaster has been chosen for such a large arts event. Later on in the article I go on to say what a fantastic venue that racecourse is, so I answer my own query and celebrate the place! 

I can’t speak for other staff members, but I can reassure you that I don’t own a flat cap; I’m more of a beret kind of girl!" -Paula.


Winning Letter

David & Goliath

From the Big Tattoo Planet forum, we plucked this gem of a letter:

Why do some people think tattooed and pierced people are fair game and a target? This is still ongoing, but I will let you know what happens. I posted this to the Stirling supermarket in question and e-mailed it to their HQ so they now have to investigate it. I went home and shed a few tears as I was hurt at these comments, behaviour and attitude. It does not however stop me wearing my ink and piercings with pride:

Dear Sir,

I visited your supermarket today, with my dad, for a meal and also to purchase some items. We decided to eat before I got the 2 items of shopping, and made our way to your restaurant. 

Your female staff member at the booking desk was called ***** and I put my order in. Then I noticed she was leaning to her right to study my ear piercings, and I was expecting the usual questions – do I take them ALL out at night, do I sleep with the rings in, does it hurt more the higher up the ear lobe is pierced and so on. Then she studied the two small rings I have in each nostril.

“Do you have piercings anywhere else?” she asked.

“I’m not telling you,” I said, slightly shocked she was so personal.

“Then – if I suggest other places, will you just say yes or no?”

“No, I won’t. It’s nothing to do with you where any other piercings are – indeed if I have any”, I responded.

She gazed quizzically at me, rattling her fingers on top of the screen in front of her.

“I bet I can guess where they are. Have you had your nipples done? I’m only asking because my niece has hers done,” she said, studying my chest, presumably to see if there were piercings visible through my T-shirt.

“I’ve already told you, it’s nothing to do with you,” I snapped, getting totally hacked off with her obtrusive questioning.

“That’s as far as I was going to go. I wasn’t going to mention any other ‘bits’,” she replied, glancing at my dad standing next to me.

I then turned to my dad who had overheard the entire conversation and asked him what he would like to eat. We paid for the meal and sat down. Fortunately it wasn’t ***** who brought our meals over, it was another lady whose name I didn’t catch who happened to be very pleasant and nice, and said she hoped we would enjoy our meal. The young lady on the till was also very nice.

While we were eating, my dad asked me what the lady at the booking desk was asking me, and I told him that she was asking if I had any other piercings and if so where they were.

“I thought that’s what she was asking. That’s nothing to do with her,” he said.

“I know it’s not. If I have any other piercings it’s nothing to do with anyone else where they are. Certainly not complete strangers.” He looked at me carefully and asked if I was all right.

“No not really. Just a bit annoyed and upset she was so bloody rude, obtrusive and personal, asking me things like that. She was asking things that are none of her business.”

Could you please explain to me why your staff member in question:

1. Asks customers such personal and obtrusive questions

2. Studies female customers chests to see if any nipple piercings are visible

3. When told that such information is none of her business, then changes tactics to still try and extract said information.

I await your response with extreme interest, and also have no intention whatsoever of setting foot in your store again when I next visit Stirling.

Yours sincerely


We can’t possibly say anything more than you already have on this – keep us clued in on what happens! We’ve run out of t-shirts at the moment, but those nice people at Revelation Films have loaded us up with some cool L.A. Ink boxsets instead… it’s on it’s way.


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