Inkoming - 194

Published: 08 April, 2011 - Featured in Skin Deep 194, November, 2010

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Generation X and Y

Dear Skin Deep,
I would be happy to feature in your magazine. My daughter is 21 and has large tattoos and so do I. I also work in a professional environment which has helped some attitudes towards women with ink! I think it would be good to have a feature on women in their 30s with tattoos as many of your models and features are about young women and we get left out. I am 37 and I get many comments from people about my tattoos, good and bad and I think it would make a good feature having a twenty something (my daughter) and a thirty something (me) with tattoos discussing the generation gap.

Gail Whitcher

Careful what you wish for Gail… we’ll be in touch shortly.

Éirinn go Brách!

Dear Skin Deep
I am writing to inform you of an ongoing issue here in Northern Ireland in relation to tattooing. Tattoos are widely loved and adored here in our little corner of the world, I would know as I am a tattoo apprentice here. I work in the industry and see how people adore it.

Unfortunately though, a few business’ here do not love it as much as we do. Many people I know including tattooists are being turned away from bars, clubs and restaurants because of the ink we have embedded in our skin, no matter the image. 

What enrages me about this is that if I was of a different racial colour, they would have no problem letting me into their establishment, and yet because my skin is neon green and pink, they will not allow it. I do not see the difference.

Maybe I am biased, but since when did a tattooists money become less worthy than anyone else’s? Especially when so many establishments are closing because of this ‘credit crunch’?

It affects me personally as a 20 year old heavily tattooed female, who can’t go out with her friends to a birthday party in the city because of the colour of her skin. It is disgusting.

Thankfully the tattooists of Northern Ireland are now taking a stand, and I wanted to inform you all at Skin Deep of our efforts! It has been a big story here on radio and in the newspapers, and hopefully we will be able to name, shame and expose these establishments! It will be a BIG win for the world of tattooing in our little corner and noteworthy enough for me to be to keep you informed!


Thanks Nikita – like you say, keep us clued in – always interested in people fighting the good fight!


 Fish Tales

Dear Skin Deep,
Hi. First off I want to stress that I’m a kid at 15 years of age. I have always been into the more alternative side of life and I love art. Sadly I live in Ireland, my local tat shops I’m not to familiar with and one is supposed to be dreadful. This is a problem for me as I’m constantly drawing on my hands and my friends think I should follow a career in tattooing. But even my school and the social system is very against this. I’m a metalhead and I’d love to have my ear plugged (only my left ear is pierced) but due to school I have to wear fake plugs and even at that not during school. If you are seen with ink and/or piercing you are considered a scumbag or traveller. I’m going to Waterford for two weeks were I’ve been told there are some great places for tats but until then I want to thank you for reaching my little corner of the world and inspiring me, it genuinely means a lot.

Thanks. Fish

What can I say! First of all, with Ireland featuring twice this issue with negative comments, it looks like it’s about time we got over there and brought you guys some features on the place because I know for a fact there are some fantastic artists over there – but “supposed to be dreadful” is not first hand experience of it actually being dreadful -  you’re judging without knowledge which is what people are doing to you – sucks huh? Secondly – school is school y’know. It is what it is and we’ve all been there (or not as the case may be). Like I’ve said before – if you’re serious about your chosen career, use the system to learn how to draw better and better. Drain the system of its knowledge for what you want to do later and kick the sand back in the face with success. Keep the faith bro!


Winning Letter

Band on the Run

Dear Skin Deep,

I found the editorial in issue 192 very thought provoking. I unfortunately used to fit the bill of the guy who likes the footballers tattoos and knows little much else about the world of tattoos. My inspiration nine years ago came in the shape of musicians and their tribal work, and I still maintain that there is nothing wrong with this as the work I liked, was, and is, awesome ie: Anthony Kiedis from Red Hot Chili Peppers - his back piece is outstanding. 

My error was in thinking that, or more correctly lack of thinking that I could get any tattoo artist to do the job. I’d fallen into the hands of a scratcher, a big mistake that has lead to a lot of hours of correcting his work, however it was not a total loss for me as this scratcher had a subscription to Skin Deep magazine which opened my eyes to a world of possibilities. Here I am nine years on still buying your magazine, still getting inspired and now thanks to the knowledge you share waiting patiently, saving my pennies until I have enough funds to get a sleeve from Kore Flatmo who came to my attention via you guessed it, Skin Deep.

So after a lot of waffling - back to the editorial, thanks to my own experience in the past whenever any friends mention about getting a tattoo like Joe Bloggs or whoever, I urge them to have a look through my hefty back catalogue of magazines or hit  for inspiration  and encourage them to get the best tattoo, not the cheapest or most convenient as they won’t turn out like the stars they’ve seen them on. 

I’d like to think if each reader does this we might just make the tattoo universe that much greater.

Kieron Crewe

T-shirt size large he writes hopefully

You’re right – Kiedis has some great tattoos – if memory serves me right, the work was done by Henk Schiffmacher back in the nineties. Thanks for commenting on the point I was making, I’m sure it doesn’t begin and end with rock stars and footballers but it’s certainly an interesting back story for many.