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Published: 09 March, 2011 - Featured in Skin Deep 196, March, 2011

Air your views or have a rant and we’ll give one letter a free, yes free, t-shirt! Aren’t we nice?

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Dear Skin Deep,

I decided to get in touch with you after buying my first ever issue of Skin Deep (issue 194) and reading in it a letter someone had sent in. You see, I'm in a similar position- I'm 15 (16 very soon) and I'd love to get into the tattoo business. I've been drawing (both on my arms/hands and on paper) all my life, and being an unconventional, open- minded, "alternative" kind of girl, decided that tattooing was the perfect career for me. I'd like to get a tattoo apprenticeship (preferably in South London, and preferably on the weekends, as I'm going to go to 6th Form in the week), but am unsure on how to go about it. Being a newfound (and excellent, may I add) source of all things tattoo- related, can you help?

Thanks a bunch,


If I had a quid for every email like this, I’d have exactly thirty three quid in my pocket this month already. Later this year (around summertime), we’ll be publishing an all new edition of The Tattoo Bible and this is something that will be addressed in that, so all I can say is watch out for it. Meantime, you could do worse than write professional letters to your local studios, get out to some conventions and learn as much as you can about what exactly you’d getting into – it’s hard but it’s not impossible! 


Holiday Blues

Dear Skin Deep

First off I would like to thank you for opening my eyes to the world of body art. I have always been interested in tattoos and piercings in the last couple of years I have got numerous piercings and four small tattoo's. I wouldn't say I regret my tattoos as they show various periods in my life however I feel that maybe with some more thought and possibly better artists I could have made them a lot better. One of my larger ones was done whilst on holiday in Malia, which as I'm sure you'll agree is not the best of ideas! 

Reading Skin Deep has shown me the true beauty of body art and now I'm looking to extend some of my tattoos into meaningful pieces of art. I also am looking for a more experienced tattoo artist so if you could point me in the direction of any in the North East that would be great!

In the magazine it says to send you bribes, unfortunately I find this difficult via email however I am considering integrating the Skin Deep logo into my newest design. When I do have it finished I will definitely show you the outcome!

Lynsey Dorrington

Thanks for the kind words Lynsey.  A few words from the wise: if you’re looking for an artist in your neck of the woods, you could do a lot worse than pick up a copy of our sister magazine Skin Shots that hosts huge listings of artists working all over the UK. Flattering as it is, I would seriously avoid getting the mag logo tattooed  - who knows when it might change – then you would look “oh so, last year!” When you get that killer ink though, send it on in…


Woman of Mass Distraction 

Dear Skin Deep, 

After reading the letter sent in by Gail Whitcher, regarding a feature on older women with tattoos, I would also like to express an interest in appearing, in any feature. I also have a large coverage of tattoo's that I love and am very proud of. I love
your magazine would be thrilled to appear.

Regards and best wishes,

Louise Merrills

There's been a lot of interest in a feature of this nature, and we're taking it seriously - so seriously in fact, that we're on top of it already and have started the ball rolling. I fear for the size of my inbox, but if there are any more of you "older women" out there who might be interest in being quizzed on your motivations, bring it on...


Winning Letter

A Real Apprentice

Amongst the stack of mail I get in my inbox every day came this nugget from somebody those in the UK might be familiar with - for readers overseas, The Apprentice is a popular TV show over here. For space reasons, I’ve only edited out the really dull bits! 

Having recently been fired by Lord Sugar, I’m currently looking for opportunities to share some of my passion for enterprise, marketing and public relations. During my time on The Apprentice I impressed and entertained the nation with my creative ideas, from devising names such as the Cuuli and Boozy Banger to working on one of the biggest product launches/mistakes the cleaning market has ever seen - Germinator!

And that’s what makes me unique - I’m bold, full of personality, entertaining, and really do believe in learning from my mistakes. 

Whilst I am remembered often for my humorous style, I have a credible business background and have spent the last four years as Head of Communications for one of the UK’s fastest growing technology businesses. During my time there, I worked to launch several highly-successful PR campaigns and was a real contributor to their success.

Post Apprentice, I continue to work as a freelance Marketing and PR consultant and have some of my own product launches in the pipeline. I
have a real passion for business - particularly enterprise and entrepreneurship. At the moment I am very much enjoying inspiring young people to make their business aspirations a reality with various talks and workshops at schools/colleges.

I hope you can see the value of having someone like myself on board - and I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss further how I could add a fresh and exiting addition to your publication.

Well – who could resist! So I mailed him back:

Hi there Alex - if you're in the market to get a full body suit then we're in business, otherwise, I'm afraid you're probably barking up the wrong tree. Let me know if you need some direction for a good artist, I'd be only too pleased to

To which Alex gamely responded: 

Ha Ha - sorry - you're right! I'll let you know when I'm ready for my full-body tattoo!

Cheers Alex

So if that doesn’t deserve the letter of the month, I’m not sure what does. Back to “normality” now…


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