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Published: 20 April, 2011 - Featured in Skin Deep 198, May, 2011

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Top Gear's Off Road Fall From Grace!


I normally do enjoy Top Gear, but was disappointed with the tattooing on the off road 4 x 4 test.

I understand that there should always be a light hearted sense of fun - with the similar stunt on 'Jackass' years ago, at least they knew and said it was stupid and only did it on each other.

But regardless to bad taste - in your article the BBC mentioned they had a health and safety advisor and the tattooist had a licence from within the same council area..

Let's look at that. No coverings on the seats, no running water, so no obvious way of washing hands or any other hygiene in the middle of a field. So not really anything like a licensed tattoo studio then.

And isn't it true that you are licensed by a council for a 'premises' not a 'general area' - surely that's enough to take some legal action without the cross contamination issues.

So on that thought then, any tattoo conventions within Top Gear's set council area needs no licensing as long as the tattooist is licensed in a surrounding area, no aprons, no running water, no clinical waste disposal to worry about and latex gloves are suddenly alright to use, no need for sterile new needles for every customer, no bagging of clip cords or machines and no need for medi-scrub or anything similar to clean down the tattooed area when saliva will do!

I wonder if that convention would be able to run - especially when the last show our studio worked the councils health and safety advisor was threatening to confiscate our individually wrapped lollies for cross contamination?

Maybe it's the councils and the licensing people that really need a revised guideline to correct tattoo industry procedures - not just to cost tattooists more money when it suits them, or to try and look hip and cool for a TV programme. 

Rant over!

Julie Clarke. 

Flaming Gun Tattoo Studio.


Winning Letter

Point Taken

Dear Skin Deep

I've been a big fan of your magazine for many years and am not normally the type to write to anything and complain about its content, but I do feel that in issue 195 a line was printed in the Jesse Lee Denning interview which I feel really could've been left out. I quote "For that jerky creepy somewhat spastic feel" which I would hope as you read back, you see where I'm coming from.

As someone who has relatives that suffer from one disability or another I have never enjoyed hearing any word like "spastic" as it's often used in an insulting way. I'm aware that the oh-so charming Jesse Lee Denning probably didn't mean it in a negative context. However during the editing process did it not jump out of the page at you as something that would have easier to leave out?

Conversely, I loved the piece on the sudden popularity of "Ed Hardy" clothing, it really summed up my thoughts on the matter-so keep up the good work! Let's keep our alt' models alt' and feature less predictable old school please!

Cheers now! Jake Belben

Allow me to explain. Having spent enough time in the US over the years, I understand the term “spastic” over there to mean something entirely different. They use it to describe a “jerky, energetic effect” and certainly nothing insulting. However, point taken and personal apologies to anybody offended by Jesse’s comment.



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