Redemption Tattoo's new website

Published on: 03 September, 2010

Boston’s Best Tattoo Parlor (as named by the Boston Phoenix in 2010, City Voter in 2009, Boston Magazine in 2008, and WBZTV in 2007), Redemption Tattoo, launched a new website chock full of fresh portfolio pieces and artist images.

With fly-by-night tattoo shops opening up all around Boston, Redemption is an industry leader and staple in Cambridge, having 8 solid years of business under their belt. Veteran tattooers Mike Shea and Erick Lynch, who have been tattooing collectively for over two decades, own and operate Redemption with support from tattooers Josh McAlear, Ben McClellan and Salty Dave. Shea commented, “At Redemption, artists run the shop and we pride ourselves on the art form. I think the reason things are going so well for us is because we produce high quality work every day and we only hire great tattooers. There’s no attitude when you come into our shop, we just want to do the best tattoos for our customers, plain and simple.”


Check out each artists portfolio of consistantly high-quality work over at their new site -