We Have Liftoff!

Published on: 17 June, 2010

Our vast online home has been the subject of a dramatic overhaul over the past few months, with web monkeys busily integrating novel features and improving the flow and appearance of Big Tattoo Planet.

At last, they are done, and as they relax with a well-earned banana and cup of PG Tips, we invite you to explore the glorious new realm that they have crafted. Many of the fresh features are still in their formative stages, so expect a great many updates as time progresses.


For now, here's an overview of the awesome resource offered by Big Tattoo Planet:

  • A staggering gallery of tattoo photographs that can be easily searched through via an indexed system, making it easier than ever to locate the exact image you seek. The tattoos are all categorised by style, motif and the body part upon which they appear. For example: you can narrow down the thousands of pictures by sorting by Japanese, then Dragon, and then Backpiece. This will display all of the images categorised as Japanese backpieces featuring a dragon.
  • Tattoo artists from around the world are now available to search, whether it’s by geographical location or simply by name. Each artist will have a profile that details their studio, their most recently uploaded tattoo images, means by which you can make contact, and at which conventions we know they will be working.
  • Our Events page is packed full of conventions across every continent, with dates, times, links, and a feature that allows users to mark their intended appearance at the show. Tattoo artists set to work there will also be listed, along with the vendors who’ll be selling their wares.
  • Community…Big Tattoo Planet’s greatest resource. Our forum is a fabulous font of knowledge and has over 12,000 registered members, making for a bustling arena in which you can discuss tattooing and all things associated with it.
  • The Features section contains hundreds of previously published articles from Skin Deep magazine, all categorised by their subject e.g. reader profiles, artist interviews, convention reports, etc. You can browse the content of many issues and purchase print and digital copies if something catches your eye!
  • At last, a dedicated Magazines page! There’s plenty more to go on here yet, but for now, you can view the details of each latest issue of Skin Deep, Skin Shots and Tattoo Master, make contact with the people behind the production, and order back issues that you may have missed.
  • The News section keeps you updated on all of the interesting snippets we find during our daily duties and can’t squeeze into the already jam-packed magazines that we produce.
  • Our Directory is akin to an encyclopaedia of the tattoo world, listing tattoo artists, tattoo studios, laser tattoo removal facilities, piercing specialists and clothing companies, all by name or location.




So, as you can see, there’s a lot of love been poured into the rebirth of Big Tattoo Planet. We hope you enjoy it and that it provides you with an amazing resource of tattoo goodness.