Tattoo Vixens - Amy

Published: 04 April, 2011 - Featured in Skin Deep 197, April, 2011

Amy - she’s game for it any night of the week...

We hear that you work in the dental industry - are you "visibly tattooed" at work?  

"Hell no! I keep my tattoos under wraps. I wear a long sleeve shirt under my scrubs so that my patients don't think that I'm a crazy biker tattooed lady. Plus I don't think it's appropriate to show tattoos if you work in the health care field."

When they are visible, do they provoke the required positive response?  

"Usually it is.  For some reason strangers feel obliged to walk up to me and touch them.  I get a lot of stares, and contrary to popular believe I don't like to be the center of attention.  A lot of the times when I'm out and about I'll keep them covered just so I don't get gawked at."

How would your own teeth score on a scale of 1 to 10?  

"Hmmm, about an 8.  I don't floss and I need to whiten them!"

You've got a pretty nautical theme going on there… is there a story behind it or just kind of how it's happened?  

"It's just how it happened.  I've always liked the nautical theme.  There's something about it that is very classic and simple to me."

…and that's a beautiful rose on your hip by the way. Nice work - where'd you get it?  

"Jen Davis at Outer Limits Tattoo did it! It's actually a whole piece from my hip up to my shoulder blade.  She's amazing at doing natural looking tattoos.  I think one way she gets the roses to look so natural is that she doesn't shade with black, she uses a dark green instead."

You appear to have two "luck" tattoos - do they work?  

"Well I'm in Skin Deep, right?!"

Nice melons in that picture - they're huge. Locally grown or supermarket?  

"Store bought!"

We also hear that you're a big UFC fan… got designs on becoming a ring girl?  

"If Dana White is reading this, hit me up! I love UFC, I have my favorite fighters, and if there was any chance for me to be a ring girl I'd do it.  But I'm talking a REAL ring girl, not some ring girl that works at rinky dink local fights around town. I want the real deal, and I know I'd put the other girls to shame!"

Opinion on Brock Lesnar? 

"I actually like him. He's naturally good at fighting, mainly because he's a monster. I like his attitude, he kind of reminds me of me. I've read a lot about him and he's a country boy and hard worker.  He doesn't have a huge ego like Anderson Silva and takes his training seriously, unlike BJ Penn. Lesnar's got a bunch of people against him for whatever reason, and he doesn't give a fuck about what anyone thinks."

What's so bad about LA these days that you need to list it in your dislikes?  

"It's too crowded for me, I'm more of a country girl, and a lot of people I've met in LA are way too self absorbed and shallow. It's sickening, but a lot of people are like that all over southern California. I've lived here in San Diego my whole life, and most people in southern California suck. I have to go to LA quite often for photo shoots, but if I didn't have to, I wouldn't.  Traffic is awful too."

…and how about those dogs you got? Please tell us you'e not a Paris Hilton kinda gal and you carry it around in a bag. I’m looking for a Great Dane - that's what we call a dog over here!  

"I love great danes! I would love to have a Harlequin. I actually own a bloodhound named Toby. He's about two years old so he's still in his puppy stage. I have hard wood floors in my house and he'll trip over himself and slide around. He's so clumsy! My dream one day is to own a bunch of land and have five or six dogs!"

Nobody is making a movie of your life as far as we know, but you if you got the opportunity, who would you like to play if you had a choice?  

"Scarlett Johansson! She's gorgeous, and our boobs are about the same size!"


Photography: Keith Selle