Tattoo Vixens - Leah Debrincat

Published: 04 April, 2011 - Featured in Skin Deep 197, April, 2011

We’re not entirely sure what an experimental fusion belly dancer is, but it looks like we’re about to find out:

Hey - you're the girl from the Mazda ad! How did you score that sweet little deal? 

"Well my agency put me forward for the casting. I was told to go dressed like Lady Gaga and act like a pop princess. So I turned up in a leotard, shorts and cowboy boots. To my amazement I got the call back for the advert."

Exciting or a passe experience? 

"The shoot was great fun, the best part was the outrageous outfit, GaGa meets big bird meets Goldfrapp. And the fact that I didn't have to conceal my tattoos with some ugly jumper was a bonus, as has been the case in the past with other commercials. The only downside is that the car wasn't included in the payment package."

Do you have to say that in case they want to reshoot? 

"If there is a reshoot I will demand I go home with the car."

You seem to be trained in every type of dance known to man! Does that include line dancing or have I found your achilles heel? 

"I've been dancing since I was a kid. Began with Jazz, Tap and contemporary dance. I always wanted to do Ballet but my first lesson was a disaster. One of the girls had an asthma attack and another threw up and the teacher was horrible, if ever the devil was a woman it would be her. So I gave up and discovered Bellydance in my late teens and trained for few years and moved onto an evolved style known as Tribal Fusion Bellydance. Which is a fusion of dance styles with bellydance hence the need to keep training in various types of dance . Line dancing? Well I got the boots to be a line dancer but too much swagger! I have been to the odd hoedown though. I'm not so great at the line dancing, but it was fun! Probably not for the person who had to be my partner though."

That's some mighty serious work you've going on there. What next? Starting on the legs or will it interfere with the dancing? 

"I would love to eventually have a body suit, my priority for now though is to finish my backpiece, which is a double headed phoenix that extends onto the right leg ending at the ankle. The next step would be to start a piece on the left leg in keeping with the Japanese style."