Tattoo Vixens - Rockwell deVil

Published: 04 April, 2011 - Featured in Skin Deep 197, April, 2011

An international burlesque and pinup model, Ms DeVil cuts a mean pose...

Says here that you're inspired by the sirens of silent films - that's not very siren-like with no sound...

"No, no, no... a siren is also defined as a woman who is dangerously seductive. In both silent and modern films, these are the women I love the most. If I was in fact being compared to a sea nymph, then I’d be far from a silent one. I’d make sure I was loud enough for all sailors and pirates alike to hear me."

You're also noted for your outstanding make-up and hair skills. Is there anything you can't fix?

"Absolutely. Ignorance and stupidity. There’s not enough concealer in the world to fix that"

You told me that if you'd got tattooed before you were 18, you're mom would have hit the roof. I need more details - how ballistic exactly would she have gone?

"Well, in the state of California for quite some time it has been illegal to tattoo or pierce a minor under the age of 18. I found a way to beat the system when I was about 16 and got my tongue pierced. I managed to keep that a secret for about 6 months. When my mom finally found out she made me tell her where I had it done. Being that she works in the medical field, she was determined to make sure they were using the proper sanitation care to ease her mind. She took me down to the shop, made the piercer show her step by step what he had done to do the piercing and what steps he took to sanitize all the equipment. She was relieved and thanked him, then turned around and chewed him out for piercing a minor. It was pretty embarrassing and I just knew the repercussion of a tattoo before the age of 18 would be far worse. I just couldn’t begin to imagine that sort of humiliation I’d have to endure."

You're "Nightmare" sleeve has previously been started by two artists who subsequently disappeared. Was it something you said?

"Absolutely not! The first artist was unfortunately an unstable fellow with a bit of a drug problem. The other was a pretty cool guy who also had a band which subsequently meant that he was rarely around. Spending part of his time on tour, tattooing here in the states and going back home quite often to Canada, he was very hard to get a hold of. I was the dumb ass who paid him in advance and got screwed and not in a good way."

What is it about the old movie actresses that appeals? What have they got that Catherine Zeta hasn't?

"Catherine Zeta is one of the most beautiful women of today, in my humble opinion. The only difference between her and someone from an old classic is that they were there first.  The appeal is the timeless elegance, grace and femininity that the majority of American woman lack today. Those women were flat out dames…and I love that! Define it how you will."

Do you still Hula? Do alt-girls hula?

"I have not been dancing hula for quite some time now but just the other day was talking about going back. It isn’t about whether or not it fits with my lifestyle, for me it is about my heritage and keeping tradition alive with me and my family. Do alt-girls hula? Well, yes, you’re asking one who does. I never let my appearance stop me from doing something the rest of the world doesn’t think I fit into."

What do the next 12 months hold for you travel wise? Are hitting the road hard?

"You know it! By the time this interview is out I will have been back and forth through several states in the US. I am planning a trip this summer to Switzerland and Sweden for more t-ASS-le twirling then possibly back to Italy for round 3 and hopefully Japan and Taiwan by the fall. My passport will soon be full!"

Finally, how does a siren cope these days in Northern California?

"Northern Cali is home.  It’s good to be back here after being away for so many years. Nice to be home with family but this gypsy can never stay still, so I make sure I have a bagged packed and ready to go for those moments where I crave the road. There is too much I have yet to see."