Tattoo Vixens - Virginia Humann

Published: 04 April, 2011 - Featured in Skin Deep 197, April, 2011

We’re not sure what an Occupational Therapy Practioner is, but it can’t be that difficult - not if you’ve got time
to go smoking in the boys room...

Age: 30ish but my mind is stuck at 17

You work with old people to pay for your ink habit. Do you ever see a day when you could be working with ink to pay for your old people habit?

"Absolutely... in my dreams I could make a  living with ink. As far as old people I already pay my fair share, speaking directly of the Medicare taxes that I swiftly pay out of every cheque that will be completely diminished by the time I'm old enough to benefit…"

You cover up the ink in the day because - and I quote - "your career doesn't appreciate it". Have you not even shared your little secret with one of them?

"The old men that catch a glimpse during stretching exercises beg to see more while the old ladies gasp - yet don’t look away. I may have a bit of tease in me.  I have shown a few the tail and verbally explained what the tail was connected to - and just maybe how the mermaid dances."

Knowing what you do about them, would it entirely surprise you to find that some of them had their fair share of ink too?

"It would surprise me to see an old lady with one, but if I did, I think I'd like her more.  I’ve seen a few busted navy tatts... all small though.  It would be quite cool to see a giant backpiece or full sleeve... but that will be my generation in the nursing home!  I can picture myself ordering the aides to stretch it out swearing that one day it was a beautiful mermaid."

We've seen you smoking in some of your pictures. Is that even allowed anywhere within 5,000 miles of America anymore?

"Not really, but what can I say. I’m just a rebel at heart. My Mustang and hair always reek of Marlboro and expensive perfume. I think the mixture could be considered Hollywood vintage. I don’t like surprises; I'm just planning my own demise."

Whoa. Back up there a second! You never mentioned a Mustang. That changes the rules! Can we go to a Drive-In sometime?

"We actually do have a drive-in just 15 minutes from my house. I’ll pick you up..."


Photography: Miguel Relayze