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Default Lots of questions. Can you help?

Hi to all.

First post on the forums as i'm very,very new to all this.....................so please, be gentle! LOL!

Got onto here via the traditional Google search. I did this as I have never had a tattoo, but always admired great work, and I am seriously considering having a tattoo done later this year. (I will be 30 this year, kinda hit a bit of an early 'mid-life crisis' as my OH puts it......) I thought that by registering on here and learning from a few of you and your experiences, that you would be able to help with a few of my questions..........

I have read a few threads regarding recommeded artists, and views hinting to the fact that awards dont always mean the best. With this in mind, can anyone give me an idea of who is recognised as the best handful in the country(if this is possible....)

I have a deep and lasting love of all things automotive. Engines and wheels are great things in my book. I think(at the mo....) that i'd quite like a shaded line piece featuring combustion engine internals......pistons, crankshafts etc.~(i know, bloody wierd......). Has anyone got something similar? Know of any images of such work?

As said, i have lots of questions, but will start with these for now.

Thanks for reading, hope i havnt bored too many of you, and i look forward to some genuine replies......

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It's hard to give a definitive best, there are lots of great tattooers all over the UK, so picking one depends on a number of factors, the most important being what style you want.

My first instincts on your description would be Woody (High Wycombe) or Mr X (London). Two very different styles, but both would do a stunning job.
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or possibly stuart from Hepcat for hot rod style motors
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contact Louis Malloy at middleton tattoo studio, hes done something like that with a harley engine block, the waiting list for the man is long but worth it.
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