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Default apprenticeship in NW england needed

im 18,
got a strong portfolio and really want to get into tattooing, so if anybody could give me a studio to ask
or if sombody would want to take me on would be much apreciated
i do prefair to work in black and white, but i do a little color


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Post some work then.
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That really doesn't look like a 'strong portfolio' to me!
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Seriously if that is the quality of your work I'd forget an apprenticeship,go back to college and study art,learn to draw properly then you might stand a chance.
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Originally Posted by darkwatson616 View Post
with the greatest of respect .... dont take any of these to a shop and call them portfolio material

Originally Posted by rockabillyhun View Post
I nearly choked on my smoke!

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Oh dear oh dear...
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sorry to be blunt mate but that work is awful!!

is that what you are calling a portfolio?? 5 pictures?

Im not having a dig but there isnt anything constructive to say other that you are a long long long way from an apprenticeship. Definitely get yourself enrolled onto some art courses if you are serious about this
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Ok Dude, start by reading these topics: they are there to stop you feeling like a complete idiot. This is what annoys me, how many people come in here all guns blazing to post their portfolio. READ THESE STICKY TOPICS FIRST!!


You look an idiot for not taking the time and effort to read these first. What you need to do, is look at the quality of work that people have that are currently apprenticing.

If you really want to get into tattooing, go straight to the shit tattoo thread then the awesome tattoo thread - and decide for yourself what your work most looks like.

Your work is scruffy, rushed and unfinished. Go on deviant art, practice with Loomis books. Draw draw and draw some more, only then do you even deserve to go nag for an apprenticeship.
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painfully bad! Sorry kidda u should of had a look around the forum before posting the words 'strong portfolio'!
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To be perfectly honest, I dont think he should waste his money on an art course, there's only so much they're going to be able to do with someone who has no artistic talent in the first place. If thats the best he can manage at 18, then I dont think theres much hope.

Sorry if thats harsh, but its my opinion.
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