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Originally Posted by zoller_hellcat View Post
To be perfectly honest, I dont think he should waste his money on an art course, there's only so much they're going to be able to do with someone who has no artistic talent in the first place. If thats the best he can manage at 18, then I dont think theres much hope.

Sorry if thats harsh, but its my opinion.
aint a harsh comment mate, i totally agree. considering thats his idea of a "strong portfolio".....
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oooooh dear!

good bit is that at 18 - the world is your oyster - and even though this clearly isn't for you, there will be your dream job out there somewhere else

good luck
Originally Posted by Chuck Norris View Post
Don't you guys know anything? You should all be using seawater and moonshine.
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thanks for the insight,
but i do have better things i've done,
a hell of a lot better then the ones ive posted up,
my only thing is i have had pictures stolen from me so im a little edgy about putting them up
and im already an art student, but they dont teach the style that i try to do
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No art schools teach "Style". You need to find that for yourself.

If you have better, please do show us. You can always take the picture back down after a couple of hours.
Originally Posted by LuciiFera
My dad once uttered the phrase 'Why can't you just wear a shellsuit like all your friends?'
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well you're not going to get any offers unless you put up your better work... if anything putting up not-so-good work will put people off you as a student. Plenty of tattooists read this forum... if I were you, i would just post one or two of your good pieces to showcase your abilities
Originally Posted by Jose Lopez
If we just took one second and used it to be inspired or to put our self in those people shoes and learn from them rather than trying to compete I Know we would start to understand how beautiful learning is… For we can learn from even the simplest of men. For the true test of self confidence is having the courage to acknowledge, and to be open to new ideas regardless of their source.

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not to be rude or owt sweetie but ur works not brilliant and if there is better it wud b nice to see it so i can eat my words.... but r u sure not jus in this for the 'image', id say tht looking at ur facebook is all i know alot of mates hu wer like yeh i wanna b a tattoo artist because thy go to rock n biker pubs and listen to metal so it fits in with the whole image of tht, i cnt really say out cos im a metal head but dnt let this be the reason u want to do it cos its not going to be easy.... id rather play guitar

please dnt bite my hed off im only suggesting x
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Tiny-me a well placed full stop here and there would make for much easier reading! lol
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sorry... student syndrome
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