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Thanks tea for the above advice lol. Hell yeah man im always doodling whilst a customer is chewing my ear off. I actually started my course yesterday, and we are doing a project on landscapes, mainly urban due to he surrounding area, but things that evoke emotion. it was mega windy yesterday but i set up and done a few sketches of a run down church in the local area, which we are experimenting with back in class. Im also doing other gothicky urban style things such as gates and graveyards, and have been out with the camera and got some nice shots of a train that had been graffiti'd, and a couple of playground swings which sounds weird but the shot has a real loneliness about it.

Either ways im back in today and im enjoying it and already met some nice people. I understand what you're saying though, i dont intend to make a living off it so soon, i just wana aim at building up my skills for now
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