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Yea unfortunately there's no law as to the legal age for piercing in the uk. It's at the Enviro guys discretion....
I wont pierce anyone under the age of 16 in my shop, same as most professional studios, however there are many studios that will still pierce anyone from ages' 10+ There is no way that these childrens bodys are developed enough for a piercing to heal correctly and not end up migrating or moving with the bodys change of shape through puberty that is why i avoid it like the plague.

Clares and the like should be made to abide by the same standards as other piercing studios without a doubt and i believe that the law should change to also restrict the age to 16+
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I remember reading something about if a piercer pierced someone under 16, it could open him to charges of assaulting a minor?
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Originally Posted by Spikie Pixie
Why are the Claires accessories allowed to pierce in the window of their shop, on the shop floor with customers bumping in to them? (clearly not safe or clean).

However EHO's up here state that piercing and tattooing must be done in a seperate area that is hygienic etc

Anyone know why there seem to be double standards?

The local one by me, doesnt even have a window, they dont have an actual door, or shop front, their "part" of the shopping center is 3 walls, no front door, nothing ... they pierce pretty much in the shopping center.
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Uuuurrrghh, don't get me started on the whole 'pierced babies' thing. I wonder who the idiot parents would blame if the poor bloody infant developed septicemia.

Some parents can't stand to see their child being given life saving vaccines, because it involves sticking their baby with a needle, yet some will happily hold them down while a stranger forces a mostly blunt piece of cheap jewellery through their ears with brute force, while their terrified child screams in pain and fright.

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My mate came in to work the other day really pissed off. When asked what was up it turns out he went round to his ex`s place the night before to see his daughter on her 14th Birthday. She showed him what her mum bought her as a pressie... A Belly-Button Piercing! 14??? And you say this is a perfectly legal practice? country gone mad? I rekon!
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Chances are that'll leave a lovely little scar on her navel as it rejects over the coming year
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when i was pregnant with my daughter - a GOOD 12+ years ago, i was in hospital having tests etc. i mentioned to the midwife that they had probably had a rough day as the evening times had a woman on the front withher victim face on, who was sueing the hospital, because they had saved her life and her babies life by performing an emergency caesarian.

the baby had been facially presenting and she got a wee scar on her cheekbone. teh woman wanted compensation.

the midwife pointed out that the baby had her ears pierced.

some cultures(...) do pierce baby girls ears very shortly after childbirth - but then just because something is acceptable in other cultures, doesn't mean it's *right*

there is a petition on the #10 website about piercing minors. I'll try and find a link. it may have a better than average chance of success, because a lot of mums-groups are behind it.

i love it when the heavily modified go all home counties about their children. I'm the worst. I'm really strict.
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Thumbs down

Unfortunatly its down to the individual shop on ears, it fuckin sucks and it should be legislated against. It should be GBH on a minor to pierce anyone under the age of twelve in my opinion, and even at that age you would require your passport and parential consent before you could have one done, further I think it would be advisable to do it via appointment not on walk in to give the kids a chance to think about it. Maybe too much trouble for them to put this legislation forward? I dont think so. They got time to employ people to go round and check your bins to see what you have put in it. Like everything these days they only interested in trying to fine people they think they will get money out of.

Boils my piss to see infants with piercings, its not big and its not clever, I once watched a women at claires pierce a kid mayne two or three who was asleep, the kid woke up screaming and frankly jumped so badly I wouldnt be surprised if the ear was torn.

I for one would be more than happy to sign a petition to have this stopped, and I cant imagine that anyone with any morals would feel any different.
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My mother had my ears pierced when i was 2 months old, and again when i was 3 and i wore 4 gold hoops throughout my childhood, which may explain why i can't stand wearing earrings now

It makes me feel sick to see children with their ears pierced, i definately think it should be against the law for any ear piercings under 13 and any other piercings under 16.
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It's funny that this topic has come up, as we've actually had a letter about Claire's Accessories and their piercing methods! It's in this month's Inkoming...Uh oh, I'm giving away bits from the mag...
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