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Question Emla numbing cream

is this a well known thing? ive never heard of it before

i was chatting to someone at work who had a tattoo and used this before she had a tattoo, and she said she couldnt feel anything! that was on the top of her back i think


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*ducks before RBH or BB find this thread*

There should be a few threads about emla and numbing creams kicking around the forums if you want to try a search for further info.

There seems to be a mixed response on it, some saying it helps but can be fiddly to use, and I understand it can be difficult to work on emla'd skin for artists?
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oh my good god as if you have the godamned ordacity to ask a question that has been asked on this forum before and although there may not have been the same members on the forum then, people have already talked about this once and i for one will not stand by and watch as new people discuss things that have been discussed before, regardless of wther they have a fresh perspective on it, a new story to tell or any kind of new opinion!

i am of course only messin wit' y'all hehehehh
but this might help

our studio doesnt use it and proberly never will, the pain just aint that bad, in my opinion its best to just grin and bear it
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summary: skin = rubbery and difficult to work for artist. mixed responses as to end result. bite down and take it like a man.
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can be useful for really bad bits i.e. elbows and knees!
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Elbows and knees aren't too bad though

I think it should be kept for a "break glass in case of emergency" type situation, ie, there's and hour left to finish up and if you don't get some help with the pain the tattoo will remain unfinished forever. Otherwise, suck it up!
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gah. im afraid the rubbery issue is very hit and miss, the worse thing is the reactions that it can cause, eugh indeed.
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Originally Posted by sarahstrange
can be useful for really bad bits i.e. elbows and knees!
my elbows were the easiest part of my sleeve. The pain is part of it, just accept it and embrace it

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Oh I have a dark secret on this subject - that only Brim knows about on this forum!

The last of my dragonflies on my ribs........ I was suffering, I don't know whether its cos the ribs have been broken a few times - so psychosomatic or what?
So I used ametop on the one bit because I just couldn't face it ............. I made such a fuss at the studio of washing it off ( embarrassment i think?)and being ready for John, then he decided he wasn't going there cos we had other plans! ........... We were in phoenix planning mode.

Never have found out if this type of stuff works or not, and I don't actually believe in the "NO PAIN NO GAIN" chant ............. but I do believe in it bloody hurts - just get on with it! Tis only for a short time and if your like me and a wimp just do short appointments!

So much has been said about the changing of the skin texture and I know of people having healing problems - tis possibly best not to go there dear!
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I had it for my laser session but I still felt it all, so I wouldnt bother again.
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