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congratulations lexx, i thought i was pregnant as was having signs but the test i did this morning is negative.

i fear getting old and boring. so i wont

Originally Posted by Brummy Dave View Post
How rock n roll, discussing the various plastic bag pricing strategies of supermarkets.
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At the minute it's becoming a father.
We are not planning yet but it may be by the end of the year.

I'm bricking it!
Originally Posted by phil_kyle
i was like shit the fucking bed!
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going blind above all else... my family already know if i go blind in the morning, i'll be dead before dinner...

oh and my significant chances of having alzheimers
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Congrats Lexx - nearly missed that!

I fear all sorts of shit, but I too have to say that the idea of cocking up my kids lives is even scarier than spiders!
Originally Posted by Suicidal Dave
Cheesyballs are no substitute for an Indian
Originally Posted by BettyBean
I kinda don't trust people that don't have a little bit of shit on them somewhere....
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congratulations lexx!!!!

im scared of not being able to provide for myself. Im managing pretty well so far but i get very stressed at the thought of losing my job etc and how i would cope.

im also scared that me and my partner will never get married. Weve been together for 7 years and dont even live toghether yet! no rush i suppose

im also scared that my mum will never beat her addiction
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I'm scared of losing my sight...I know its s strong possibility but I hate to think it'll go one day.

I'm also scared of having blind kids...I know its a 50/50 chance of passing on my condition but no one can tell me if they'll be able to see like me or whether they'll be worse off.
Originally Posted by cab View Post
If i wanted protein in my alcohol i would add gravy.
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Originally Posted by LuciiFera View Post
My workmates and I sometimes discuss how we would cope, come the zombie apocalypse. We discuss transport, weapons, where our safe house would be..what we would do for food etc.

We are all in our late twenties and early thirties
i assume that everyones voting for slow zombies if we ever get the chance, please vote for slow zombies i can't run fast...
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Originally Posted by violet grimm View Post
giant spiders with opposable thumbs.
jade goody being immortal.
obviously anything awful happening to my children, but I have coped with awful things before, so know that would be surmountable
busted reforming.
having my hands cut off for 'stealing art' in a fundamentalist state.
princess Diana being reanimated and patching things up with charlie, therefore being a zombie queen.
Lost ending unsatisfactorially.
David Cameron being prime minister.
child sized dolls.
recorded delivery letters in brown envelopes. or white A5 letters.
losing internet access.
being lonely in my old age.
barbara cartland.
inexplicable things
Rolf Harris (when i was very tiny i used to cry every time he was on tv)

and really? nothng scares me at all. i am invincible. anything above is minor, because I manage to get through most things. resiliant, me.

congratulations, lovely rotund-to-be Lexxiness.
You really are quite fabulous Vi
I'd forgotten all about the hiding dolls in Great Yarmouth - they face the wall with their hands covering their eyes.
Vaginal reconstruction? Is that like getting new curtains? (quote by LC)
Our blog
My fat blog
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Old 29-05-2013, 01:30 PM   #59
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Thread bump !

My fears;

GHOSTS! Anything supernatural, grew up on a haunted house and lived in a couple of haunted places since.
Being stalked. Don't like walking back through parks and things at night by mself.
Most of Australia's wildlife (I'm half Australian).

But that's about it ^_^v .
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Originally Posted by vogelrok View Post
biggest fear, having the shits and no toilet to hand.
OMG, really?? I thought it was just me, ha ha!
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