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Default Techie Question 'Bout The Forum

Hi Guys,

Now don't be wild with me about starting a new and irrelevant thread but have any of you found that accessing the forum plays havock with your pc or with multiple pc identites if you have them?
I've had no bother at home (but I'm not home that much to access it there)
but where I work we each have a mobile profile/identities for accessing different pc's if and when we have to, but I've found that it screws my profile comming on here.
I had my profile cleared today cos it was so screwy and shutting down windows and spewing when i try to open Outlook Express etc etc,

It was fine again, then I came onto the forum and bang! problem back, I'm not accusing or slating it in any way,I love it lots, hence you canna get rid o me that easybut I'm just curious as to the hows and whys, and if you can shed any light on what it could be that's doing it, cause the technician that has to keep fixing it is getting pissed with me........
is it cookies or sum't?I don't understand why me?!
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I don't have any probs at work but yet I sent my home pc away a couple of weeks ago as I was having problems with it just got it back and it was running fine until I came on here!!!! maybe it's a sign!!!!
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Mine works fine maybe goes abit slower if im on a couple of forums at a time, sorry cant help ya matey
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