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Default How do I deal with this if it happens again please?

In the supermarket with my other half getting weekly groceries. I had a top on with my upper arm tattoos and backpiece on show, and feeling a bit chilly, I decided to put my fleece on. As I pulled it over my head I heard "oh, look at her tattoos," and a woman appeared from nowhere and immediately proceeded to put her hands under my fleece to try and take it off me.

The more I pulled it down, (protesting all the while) the more she tried to pull it off. In the end, I had to hold both her wrists and say to her very clearly and loudly "STOP putting your hands in my clothes and touching me please." She refused and when I let her go she spouted on how much she wanted to see them and continued trying to take my fleece off me. Her husband stood and watched as she 'mauled' me.

My other half (knowing how much I hate being deliberately touched and of my veryshort temper in such situations) rushed over and pulled her off. She pushed him away to try and continue, and in the end her husband had to drag her away.

She rushed out of the supermarket, and was well gone by the time I gathered myself, and no-one in the store knew her either. I was wary of hitting her, as I spent almost 14 years restraining violent teenagers, and I may well have seriously hurt her. The police drew a blank although were very nice to me about it as were the staff. The store is where my other half works, so I know most of the staff anyway, and they know I am not a troublemaker or make a fuss over nothing.

It wasn't nice, having another woman trying to pull my clothes off in public, so if anything like that happens again, should have I simply whacked her and called it self defence? Or do what I already did - keep calm and involve the police?
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You did the right thing, although I too would have been tempted to give her a smack.

I wouldn't worry about the future though, as although there are lots of rude people about, I've never come across one that actually tried to physically strip my clothes off. Hopefully, the odds are in your favour and you won't be subjected to that again.
Originally Posted by LuciiFera
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Keep Calm and Carry On...

I don't think its worth involving the police unless they happen to be there and I don't agree with violence ever especially when some people think that all tattooed people are thugs anyway.

Its hard to keep your cool in situations like this but I don't think any good comes of violence. I had some drunk woman pawing at me the other day then she went for my stretched ears. I did pull her had away but she'd already touched them and I don't think i'd cleaned my ears that day so I hope she was wondering what that smell was for the rest of the night.
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People are cocks.
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Bloody hell hun, not nice at all!
I've had blokes get quite aggressive with me as the think is perfectly okay to pull my top down
The worst one I was standing chatting and someone pulled my top down at the back, I turned and told him to stop, he then saw my chest piece and tried to pull my top down at the front, I told him to get his fucking hands off me and said shut up bitch and let me see!
Luckily I stayed quite calm because I have a hell of a temper when needed and his mates removed him by force, 30 more seconds and I would have decked the cock!
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Sounds like you did the right thing hun.

Me, I would have decked her. If you say no, then physically push someone away and they are still trying to grab at you then its their own fault when they get a punch.

Sorry, I know violence is bad and all but some people are cocks
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That person sounds like a mental, but after having been involved in a lengthy court case which came to a head this week, I can honestly say it wouldn't have been worth the effort resorting to violence!
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That's just plain weird
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well handled I have a personal space issue and I would of hated that don't understand why her hubby didn't help sooner.

but I think you did the right thing its sounds like she mad as a box of frogs
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I too thnk you dd very well to keep your cool !
I think I would try to keep mine too & point out that she is infact molesting you & if she does not leave you alone then you are within your rights to take legal action ! possibly hanging on to her till the police arrive ??
Got to be good looking coz she's so hard to see !
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