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That is bang out of order. people are strange, today i was doing a car boot, and whilst i went off for a look and my boyfriend was looking after the stall, he overheard these 2 women, saying " yeah on that stall, the girl with the fake tattoos stall " I am so glad i wasn't there !

Originally Posted by Brummy Dave View Post
How rock n roll, discussing the various plastic bag pricing strategies of supermarkets.
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Originally Posted by limpet View Post
I can see how baffling this might be for some. Perhaps they should be held in a cellar and not allowed out of the house, or perhaps they should be rounded up and gassed.

I think thats going a bit far. But I can see your point, although Im not sure they should be gassed exactly.
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Originally Posted by 10th Planet View Post
I think thats going a bit far. But I can see your point, although Im not sure they should be gassed exactly.
I was attempting sarcasm in response to your own disgusting post.

There are people out there who are nowhere near as fotunate as you or I. If sympathy is too much to ask for then try showing some tolerence at least.
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that is just gross!

i think you ultimately did the right thing - and i am SERIOUSLY impressed that you didn't crack the woman in the chops!

if this happens again i suggest screaming 'HELP'!!!!! as loud as you can - then at least someone else will arrive to grab her whilst you call the coppers!

what a nut job
Originally Posted by Chuck Norris View Post
Don't you guys know anything? You should all be using seawater and moonshine.
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Default Thank you

The responses have been good, thanks folks. I did wonder if the woman in question wasn't the full shilling so to speak, which is another reason I didn't hammer her. It was the store staff that called the police, as it worried them the way she was behaving. As she wasn't known, than chances are she won't be seen again. Hopefully.

For the most part people have come and spoken to me nicely, asked me about why, what for and so on which is fine. I have seen and approached people with "May I please ask you about your tattoo's?" and got a yes or no. If the latter, I say "Fine, thank you for your time, have a nice day," in a pleasant tone and bugger off leaving them alone. I also try not to stare, but sometimes it's hard not too as some work is so stunning. Thank you for your sentiments though, I also hope it's an isolated incident!
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