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whats an ippon???
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Originally Posted by NEIL_D View Post
whats an ippon???
A judo throw, usually ending in a pin that will get you a point in competition.

I think you have to hold them down for 25 seconds to score, but I may be wrong.

Judo is cool as fuck, and brilliant for self defence. If you can stick someone on their back you can get away without hurting anyone (incuding yourself!). The little bits of judo I've done within MMA have always been fun, I'd love to give it a go properly one day.
And thats why I don't like cricket.

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I'm a big guy 6 foot and 22 stone but the instructor who was 3rd dan could easily strangle me unconscious in seconds and had a throw in his armory called Tai Otoshi (Body Drop) and he was superb at it.

Ippon is a throw, flat on their back it's ten points and game over if you get someone with ippon, there are lesser scores called koka and wazari excuse my spelling...

Some good holds an strangles in Judo and it's a bit gentler than jujitsu.

Hmmm Got a feel to get back to it now but probably never will !!


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Taekwondo is utter dogshit mate sorry but the self defence aspect is completely useless.

On the whole it is taught by mcdojo fraudsters trying to cash in on the softest martial art that is widely available.

If you want to learn something worthwhile regardless of its its self defence aspects maye I recommend;

Jiu-jitsu (brazilian jiu jistui or bjj is clearly best)
Freestyle/olympic wrestling

I would go as far to say that someone who is fit, does weight training and goes running 2/3 times a week would win a fight with someone who practiced tkd. It has no level of realness whatsoever and only works against other tkd practitioners.

MMA is probably the best but you would be hard pushed to do this casually as a pasttime as it involves so many aspects of so many styles of fighting, also most places who claim to do MMA are total wank-baskets just out to make money off the recent explosion of the UFC and MMA.

Realistically you cant go wrong with thai boxing. You will learn punches, kicks, knees and elbow strikes and if its off a good instructor he will push you hard and you will improve core strength and experience proper sparring.

Other than that judo and wrestling are awesome for throws/takedowns. And bjj is perfect for ground fighting, such as chokes, armlocks, leglocks and positionally gaining an advantage and actually having skills once a fight goes to ground.

Hope this has been of some use and is not too harsh, its jus tkd is shit and i cant help but call a spade a spade in this instance.
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