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My name is Ez, im 36 years old living with my lady in the burbs and currently working as the operations manger for a very large Orthodontics supplies company.

At present i live in Bristol which i love. I used to live in Devon and be fisheries manager of europes largest fishing holiday complex! weird job and before that i played in a band, which was my income for a few years. See if you can guess who the artwork for our albums is by

Mother Samosa on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

Have a good few tattoos from different people, including Chris Danley, Dave Bryant, Jeff Ortega, Kamil and Lorraine Ridgers.

Heavily into the VW scene and help run a large VW site ::EARLYBAY.COM::: and run a club in Bristol The Old Volks Club

Fav bands are - Dag Nasty, nomeansno and Hardskin

Random fact about me - Once got chatted up by Danielle Westbrook and promptly blew her out cos she looked rough
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I'm Kate.
I'm 24 & currently live in Liverpool.
I was born in Liverpool, but I've moved around quite a bit in my few short years. However, I'm staying here for the time being.

I work for Design 4 Life Tattoos & Piercing. I run one the studios in a place called the Old Swan & I've not long finished my piercing apprenticeship.
I also help run the Liverpool Tattoo Convention.
I adore my job & couldn't think of anything else I'd like to do with my life.
The people I work with are amazing & I like to think of them all as my extended family.

I've met sooooooooo many wonderful people in this industry & count myself very lucky to be able to chat & spend time with them.

Outside of piercing/tattoos, I love history & art in general. Although, I find that I don't have as much time to visit art galleries & museums as often as I'd like to.

I couldn't live without films, books & music.
I have quite an eclectic taste in music, which varies from Industrial to the Blues. I'll always be a Rock Chick at heart though.

I can speak French (although, I find that I tend to forget it as time goes on.) I also speak a little German.
I plan to take more Language courses next year, as I find its important to be able to communicate with people from all over the globe.
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Hello my name is Cat, Im 28 and have two boys aged 2 and 4, and In a relationship with Mark (Neatbeard)

I work as a desk bitch at Living Colour Tattoo Studio, where I do crappy jobs like clean floors and make tea, but also get to talk tattoos all day and draw pretty pictures so it aint all bad.

I like fish keeping, pizza, cult fiction and paint as much as possible in my free time, hopefully one day to be good enough to move on to puting my art on peoples skin.
Originally Posted by rob1968 View Post
Will wanking help my smelly ear ????

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Howdy, I'm Jon, I'm 23 and from Milton Keynes, where I have lived my whole life, though my family are all from Seaham.

I live in a flat with my lovely fiance who I've been with for just over 3 years now.

I'm pretty new to tattoos, I got my first one this year and I'm currently saving what little pennies there are left over for my next one(s). Planning a few fairly big pieces that are gonna be pretty expensive, hopefully looking to get some stuff done midway through next year.

Other than that I'm a big mixed martial arts fan, and have been training in various martial arts since I was 16, I currently train at Total Dojo in MK under Danny Batten.

My other hobbies and interests are music (any kind of rock really), graphic novels, movies, strength and fitness training, computer games, and collecting comic book themed underwear! I used to play a wee bit of geetar but I rarely play anymore, and when I do I just get annoyed about not being able to play properly anymore!
And thats why I don't like cricket.
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I'm Zoe.

I'm 28, originally from Lancashire but moved to Welsh Wales almost two weeks ago to live in sin with the boy (Alex).

I'm a nurse by trade but i currently play Stepford wife and try not to pay attention to my rapidly dwindling savings

I'm fairly heavily tattooed, and plan to become ever more so.

Er.. That's all i can think of
It's no wonder your breath stinks, with all that rimming
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Hi I'm Michelle

I am originally from Poplar, East London then Romford, Essex and now live in Nottingham with my boyfriend Q (anniversary today - 13 years ) I have 2 cats Daxter and Ned.

I work for Education Welfare dealing with truancy and volunteer at ChildLine as a counsellor - I love kids with a bit of personality to them

I love music, favourite thing is sitting outside listening to music with a beer and try to get to as many festivals as I can. I aslo dive but not as much as I would like to.

I drink too much and eat too much and regularly give up both.

My favourite film is Calamity Jane
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Hi I'm Laura, I'm 27, I was born in Lancashire and I've lived all over the country, currently I reside in Newport Pagnell, but I "live" and play in Leicester and am hopefully moving back there in the next year. I have a hyperactive 3 1/2 year old son (who is currently snoring his head off on the sofa next to me), I have a fish called B-J (he's a plecostomus), I want a dog but i'm not allowed one.

I have had the nickname "lozza" since I was 14 years old and it was originally "lozenge" (don't ask).

I am a night shift worker for the local council, I provide care in the community but hopefully I will be returning to education next year to become a paramedic.

I am not heavily tattooed, give me time. I have lots of ideas and for now plenty of space for them.

Favourite activities include driving really fast, being with my friends and spending time with my son. I love motorbikes but they scare the hell out of me. My favourite film is The Shawshank Redemption. I listen to a lot of different bands and styles of music, but I would say I love and listen to classical and rock-heavy metal the most.

I also have pink hair (well for now, that may change next month).

Random fact: My biggest fears are clowns and being chased.

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Originally Posted by simonightmare View Post

We have two cats called Morrissey and Dahlia and both work in life insurance at present
Thats some clever cat shizzle.

I am Brim, 44 years of age. I grew up with and was shaped by Punk Rock and still think of myself as a punker even though the hair is no longer 5 inch spikes but now has a grey tinge to it.
I have the utmost respect for John Peel, Joe Strummer, Joey Ramone, my Ma and Pa (rip) and Sam aka Monkeychick who is my bird.
I am a sarcastic fucker at times, sometimes to a fault but I can't help myself.
I am currently trying to become a better tattoo artist with every tattoo that I finish and work at Skin Creation in Cardiff.
Originally Posted by Skelly:-
i wanna be pretty like Funhouse n Brim

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I'm Lianne, I'm 26 years old and am currently living in Farnborough with my Fiancee Lee (Brother10).

I've moved about a bit and have lived in Germany, Woking, Manchester, Reading and now Farnborough where I work for a huge (boo/hiss) weapons & defence company at the airport in Legal for the Patents/Trademarks department.

I love crap tv, soppy films, trashy magazines and I freely admit that I have awful taste in music, and I love nothing more that curling up on the sofa with my man, a cuppa tea and slice of cake!

I love cooking and day dreaming, I hate exercise and the smell of oranges!
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Well im Chris 26 a proud Yorkshireman. At the moment a student studying/drinking history at Huddersfield uni. Like cooking and smoking Cuban cigars and partake of the odd drink now and again.
Originally Posted by Brummy Dave
Oh god this is going to hurt, but I have to agree with Cab .
Hasta la victoria siempre, ¡Patria o Muerte!
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