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Hi I am Dave, which I am sure the more awake of you will have noticed.

I live in Nottingham, with my W2B (She made me use the wedding site slang) Miriam. We will be getting married next year in Dr Marten's Boots.

I currently work on the Nottingham Tram system as a Driver/Conductor. Previously I was a bus driver in both London and Middlesbrough/Stockton and even longer ago I was a Taxi Driver in Stockton.

I love music above all things, even tattoos. My favorite band is Alabama 3 but my tastes range from folk to metal.

I have had a long fascination with tattoos, but I have finally reached the time when the finances and the desire have come together. I like well executed tribal, although I don't plan to have it put on my body.

I currently have 1 crappy tattoo, a flash "Taz" on my upper arm, but have enough ideas to keep me bankrupt for the forseeable future.

I plan to attend my first convention in January, (Tattoo Freeze), and hopefully start getting my new work some time soon after.

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Adrian, 25. Tattooed.
Lived all over the place,
Originally from Small town in Lancashire.
I tattoo in Sheffield.
I enjoy playing the xbox to relax. I also enjoy a game of football now and again.
I shop at charity shops most days always looking for a bargain.
My favourite food at the moment is pizza, but it changes all the time.
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This is weird, like being on Blind Date.

I'm Paula, 33, one son (9), one not-quite-ex-husband, one current boyfriend, who I met here - he rarely posts these days but occasionally pops on to spy on me or vote for my art in a competition thread. 4 cats, all black -Hank Williams IV, Enola Gay, My Pie and Miss Lucky Arnold, who is on my lap while I type this.

I'm from the South, I grew up in Hertfordshire and spent 12 years living in London. These days I'm the one with an accent - I moved to Manchester to do a Master's Degree in Fine Art (and be nearer to the bearded wonder) in 2007 and it looks like I'll be staying for now even if I do have to avoid the Greggs on every corner.

I also like cake (and like Kimmy and Sam have a cupcake tattoo) but after losing almost 5 stone (how many forummers remember me from the big gal days?) I do my best to keep the baked goods in moderation. I work for Weightwatchers every Saturday morning and that keeps me in check.

Mostly I'm an artist (occasional art lecturer) and a freelance writer, but I'm also a very enthusiastic Lindy Hop dancer and have been invited to take a teacher training course in the new year , which is very exciting and a poke in the eye for Margarita Hoare of the Margarita Hoare School of Dance - she told my mother I would never be the right shape to be a dancer and I've been holding a grudge for 25 years.

I'm a magpie, I like old, random and shiny things and I ride my pretty , purple vintage Raleigh Caprice everywhere - in high heels.
Originally Posted by LuciiFera
My dad once uttered the phrase 'Why can't you just wear a shellsuit like all your friends?'
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Originally Posted by Brummy Dave View Post
How rock n roll, discussing the various plastic bag pricing strategies of supermarkets.

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Malc, 36. Originally from Boston (the crappy Lincolnshire one) but now reside in Chelmsford with my girfriend of 20 years.

Try to bring the economy to a halt on a daily basis by working for investmnet banks in Canary Wharf.

Only 2 tattoos but Jason Butcher starts my full Star Wars sleeve in January

Favourite band at the moment are The Airborne Toxic Event but I listen to a range of tunes from Punk, Psychobilly, Indie & Metal genres. Love the movies with the exception of rom coms. Favorite crisps are Beef Monster Munch.
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Originally Posted by BettyBean View Post
This is weird, like being on Blind Date..
I was just thinking it was an excellent help for Secret Santa shopping!!

I wish I'd written more now
The Happiest Girl In The World

Muffins are for people too scared to order cake for breakfast

It's OK to have fun
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Brilliant thread

I'm Jo, 41, married to Midlifecrysis, who has posted, oooohh, about once on here....

Lived in Nottingham all my life, work in Derby selling hearing aids to rich deaf old women.

Pets: 3 dogs, Oaf, a deaf Boxer, Maisy, JRT and Jaz a working Springer, 1 cat and a dapple grey pony whose face was the basis for my first tattoo (in avatar).

No kids (just the step-versions)

Also love motorbikes, chocolate (galaxy the best), AC/DC, gin, and writing random comments on facebook. The latest being about my horse's sexual attraction to wheelbarrows.....don't ask...
~~~~ I only drink on two occasions: when I'm thirsty, and when I'm not ~~~~
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Hey. I am Hayley 24 years, working full time in a crappy retail job! But it pays the bills!

Originally from Leeds, but live in Sunny Manchester! And I wouldn't change it! I have a wonderful neice who I think the world off.

Love allsorts of music, mainly anything punk/oi. Rancid been a particular favorite! Although if my ipod was on shuffle it tends to shock a few people!! Love too party, play xbox, make random scrapbooks filled with memorys and random crap. Enjoy graffiti hunting, travelling, museums, walking down by the canal.
Wish I could draw as this would probably take up more free time I have. So insted I colour and try not go over the lines.

I think thats all for now!
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Here goes! I am Cilla. I have been tattooing for 23 years and own Original Skin in London. That's been going for 17 years now!!! Fuck I feel old!!! And single.
When I am not working I spend my time with my horse Lizzie following a study programme called Parelli Natural Horsemanship, my three dogs, two rescue EBT's Freyja and Meg (who only has 3 legs) and a Patterdale/Jack Russell cross, Frank who is 'normal for norfolk'. One Iguana called Heddy Lamarr and Royal Python who is 16 called Snaga.
Other than that I listen to a lot of music, lately 'post grunge' and go to gigs.
Oh and I paint. Every day. Whether I want to or not! I am obsessed. That and fuck about on FB and forums like this one or a natural horsemanship one.
Am hoping to get back into motorcycling next year when the weather warms up and I wheel my old Yamaha xjr 1300 out of the garage. About bloody time!
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I'm Ash, 37 and live in Southampton. I work at Southampton Uni as an IT nerd. I'm married to a hot South African chick and have a 5 year old daughter. I have been on this forum for just over 3 years but only know about 3 people I also have a whole bunch of tattoos.

I ride a Buell Super TT and run ukbeg.com (UK Buell Enthusiasts Group Online) and have a passion for photography, but im not all that great at it (Ash's photosets on Flickr)

I hate getting up early, drink to much wine, watch Dexter, Lie to Me and House, I'm very forgetful, grumpy and give an awesome hug. I hate the cold.

This is me ..

Originally Posted by rockabillyhun View Post
I nearly choked on my smoke!

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