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Originally Posted by MonkeyChick View Post
I was just thinking it was an excellent help for Secret Santa shopping!!
We are linked! I was thinking the exact same thing!

Hi-di-hi! I'm Helen *waves* I'm 28 and have lived in amazing Basingstoke (!) my whole life
I currently work as a support worker at a housing scheme for people with mental health issues. I also study carpentry and joinery two evenings a week.

I'm especially passionate about films and film-making and my dream would be an art department job where I could work on designing and creating all kinds of weird and wonderful things. I also love travelling and last year spent nearly 4 months seeing Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. I'm currently saving for my next adventure and a return to Oz!

I'm 6ft tall, love to collect the useless and random, obsessed with Dr Pepper and have an unusual fetish for sticky-out ears
~ Consider The Potato ~
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Originally Posted by drilakila View Post
When I am not working I spend my time with my horse Lizzie following a study programme called Parelli Natural Horsemanship, That and fuck about on FB and forums like this one or a natural horsemanship one.
Am hoping to get back into motorcycling next year when the weather warms up and I wheel my old Yamaha xjr 1300 out of the garage. About bloody time!
You don't go on Saddle-Up do you (mind you they are generally quite anti carrot-sticks......)?????

What is it with horses and bikes?
~~~~ I only drink on two occasions: when I'm thirsty, and when I'm not ~~~~
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im skelly 38
from the isle of wight.i now live and work in portsmouth
opened my first tattoo studio in 1993. ive worked on my own all this time apart from a couple guest artists and i had 9 months in another studio. work alone again now
faves styles..black n grey skulls n stuff. and biomech. no names/tribal/football etc
i live with my other half. she is 43. diving instructor.
2 cats that we rescued.
1 6ft boa and 3 corn snakes.
when im not tattooing i like mountain bikeing and fucking about with pc's (building them , water cooling and gameing) and newcastle brown ale

i love black/death/thrash/speed metal old grindcore and anarcho punk and primus!
just started playing bass again after a long break.
Originally Posted by funhouse View Post
in 20 years I've never had an assistant or an apprentice.
I don't want some floppy fringed cunt with daft trousers making my shop look gay.
Originally Posted by deadlifter View Post
agree with vargas, not remotely interested in hearing fuck all from apprentices as they all seem to think they can teach me my job not the other way around.
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I'm Tracey39 from Leicester married to Ivan for 15 years now, have a 13 year old son that is now living on a completely different wave length to us and a 4 year old daughter that seems more mature than her brother. Our dog is a cross bred something or other from the rspca called Koopa.

I like music particularily ALICE Cooper 80's rockers, system of a down, limp bizkit, paolo Nutini, pink, gene pitney..... I like reading trashy romances and Ivan has just been promoted to Sergeant in the st. John Ambulance

We are going to see ALICE COOPER next Frioday (all being well) and I currently think that powers that be hate me at the minute because life is generally shit!

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I'm Hayley, 35 from Sutton, Surrey. Originally from Germany but my mother moved us here when I was about 3 and haven’t really moved anywhere since, although have had brief stints in Bristol & Central London, but am currently looking into moving down to Brighton.

I have one four legged son a 11 year old tuxedo cat called Izzy Scarface Killmousky (my baby boy), have been married for almost 10 years to Mr Bailey (yes my name is Hayley Bailey) who grudgingly comes along to the odd tattoo convention with me (he doesn’t like them that much, conventions or tattoos). I love art but like many others don’t have an artistic bone in my body, absolutely love my music, mainly rock (or big hair metal as the husband calls it – but what does he know he likes EBM) favourites include the cult, NIN, Ramones, Janes, Rob Zombie (you get the idea), and to pay the bills I’m a data manager with a direct marketing company…

Oh and I love Christmas and crap Christmas movies .
"Nobody can be exactly like me. Sometimes even I have trouble doing it"
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Hiya! I'm Bex i'm 29. I live on a canal boat on the Gloucester & Sharpness canal with my teenage toy boy and our mental hound. I will have a whole zoo of pets when we buy a house.

I've lived in Newquay, Truro, and Bristol but I think i'm kind of settled for now. I have such bad itchy feet that the only way to stop me moving again is to constantly visit other places. I love going to places that are new to me.

I run a little clothing shop in Cheltenham and spend my days trying not to go nuts with the boredom of working alone.

I am passionate about green issues and try to shop local and sesonal (man I miss salad) I love cooking and crafting. I'm a grannie in training and have got hooked on crochetting this year. I also love my multi fuel stove a little to much.

I love live music and go to see a few bands a month between me and the boy our music tastes are pretty varried from folk to swing and everything in between.

I have a few tattoos but neeeeeed alot more.
Originally Posted by Ink Minx View Post
I surf this very forum while curling one off.
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Originally Posted by HairyHatMan View Post
You don't go on Saddle-Up do you (mind you they are generally quite anti carrot-sticks......)?????

What is it with horses and bikes?
I used to go on the New Rider forum but got very sick of the Parelli haters so I dont bother now. I stick to the Parelli Savvy Club where its positive and I can hang out with like minded rope wiggling people.
I don't know what it is with horses and motorbikes!? I lost my bottle riding bikes when I nearly died in a horse riding accident, which is totally crazy cos I couldn't wait to get my own horse and work thru the fear issues lol. Still working on the fear of riding my bike again...car drivers, in general, are blind fucking twats!
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** crashes into the room and promptly falls over**

Hi i'm Mark, 38 years young, in a relationship with InkMinx and as she previously stated, we have two boys aged 2 and 4. I work as a graphic designer and have done for the past 10ish years since going back to college and retraining as a "mature" student. Prior to this I worked as an accounts assistant, office manager and then transport manager all for the same company.

I'm not heavily inked (at the moment), but am working on it, all be it slowly.

I'm into old volkswagens and currently own a heavily customised Beetle that I built myself and a hot-rod inspired Camper van. I used to work out religiously but haven't done for the past 8/9 years (and i miss it). I have also been know to fall off surfboards quite alot in the past.

I like most forms of modification/customising whether it be cars, bikes, houses, skin etc etc. I am currently trying to build myself a chopper style pushbike.

I love the summer and hate the winter.

I'm stubborn and pig-headed, stand up for what I believe in and the people I love, i don't suffer fools gladly and am a typical, split-personality Gemini.

Oh and I have quite a neat beard and have always (since i could grow it) grown facial hair of some sort over the years.

Founding member of The Moustache Mafia®

Welcome to East Anglia
the arse end of England

Originally Posted by maryjane View Post
...his meat was pretty tasty too.
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Hmmm what to say....
I'm Lucy, 31 and a very proud Taff. Left Cardiff 13yrs ago for Nottingham but unfortunately now living in Derby.
Did a piercing apprenticeship at Chrome Inc in Cardiff (with Ed the impailer) then worked at a couple of tattoo studios in Nottingham. I'm currently on maternity leave from Citibank . Bit of a career change but it pays the bills.
I live with my husband Ian and our 7 month daughter Kasey Cadence.
Not much else to say really... I'm obssessed with Mike Patton, Six Feet Under, orangutans and Welsh rugby and suffer from "foot in mouth" disease.
Looking forward to starting to get tattooed again after a long break (damn breastfeeding), but hoping to start my second sleeve next year
Think thats about it!

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Im Karen, 42 from Glasgow. Married to Mark for 21 years, two kids, 18 year old daughter and 10 year old son. Year old staffy pup, cookie.

From 9 to 5 I am an Executry and Wills Assistant in a Solicitors Office. Been in this business since I was 16 and dont know anything else. After 5 I am a boring housewife, cook, cleaner, dog walker, need I go on!

Love lying in the sun, feeling the sun on my skin makes me feel good. Obviously dont get that good feeling very often here.

Got lots of ink, mainly stars! and still lots of space for something new.
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