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Default Scarred

Duno if any of you have seen the series on Mtv? I find it really funny cause im a bit sick like that. So was wondering if anyone here has any stories of stunts or accidents of any kind which have resulted in some kind of crazy injury??

Personally ive a few... but none of them were skateboard or bmx related. Infact many were probably drink or drug fuelled lol.

Il start with one anyway.
In a high school rugby game I was tanking it down the wing with the ball as ya do, and I managed to get to the try line, and as I dived with the ball, I got speared from behind- sending me to ground far quicker than intended, and I face planted into the ball which hit the ground at the same time, thus jolting my jaw and making me bite right into my tongue. There was blood everywhere and I got rushed to the hospital were they had to stitch a deep split in my tongue whilst I was awake. Keeping in mind your tongue is just pure muscle. I couldnt eat for like 3days, it was just a heinz soup diet. The important thing I got told later the same day, was that the try counted... and we won the match!!!
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Me and my best friend when we were younger salvaged an old raly chopper bike and re-built it. I proceeded to pull a wheelie and the fron wheel came off! The front forks stuck in the ground and I somehow jolted over the handle bars and hit my chin on my mum and dads front wall. My chin got cut open and I remember there being blood everywhere and my mum being hysterical! I now have a nic scar

Also another friend of mine was chasing his dog around our block of houses, fell over and somehow caused a compound fracture on his right leg! I couldn't believ it when his bone had popped out through the skin, I had fucking nightmares for months!!!
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When i was about 10 i had a knacker of a second hand mountain bike. I lost the nut that attached the left pedal to a stem and so the pedal kept falling off. Not wanting to be the only kid without a bike one day i badgered my grandad (who i think had hit the famous grouse pretty hard) to fix my bike, in his haste to get me of his back he put the pedal back into place somehow with a lump hammer lol! I was happy as larry and couldn't wait to ride it round to my aunties to show my mom and play with my cousins. I rode about 100 yards to the corner and the pedal flew off meaning as i was riding standing up my feet hit the floor hard and planted there, somehow the right pedal kept spinning which in turn kept the left stem (which now due to total lump hammer abuse had sharpened edges!) spinning. A long story short it drilled a hole about 3" high and 2" wide into the inside of my left leg just below my calf muscle! The A&E doctors at Good old Good Hope hospital Birmingham managed to stretch the skin from above the hole down and 11 years and 10 stitches later ive got a nice big v shaped gash on my leg. The most vile but humourous part of the story is i remember sitting on my aunties kitchen surface while everyone around me is heaving, messing with these little white balls of gristle that where falling from the wound hahaha
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That program makes me puke.

When I was three I put my playdough in an electric coffee grinder and turned it on. I then stuck my thumb into the coffee grinder to take it out. Fortunately for me the thing a bit old an knackered and wasn't powerful enough to take it right off. Just hack it up pretty good.

This was on Christmas eve. I got inflatable Danger Mouse Boxing gloves for christmas and I could only wear one cause I had a huge bandage on the other hand.

More recently, when I was at a gig a couple of years ago the singer from Kaospilot accidentaly kicked me in the face and my teeth almost went right though my bottom lip. Lot of blood. You know it looks bad when people are staring at you and going pale.
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