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Default UK Convention Apathy?

10 years ago most of the big tattoo names from US, Europe and elsewhere would come over to several UK conventions. Even Tattoo Jam got the likes of Nikko, Jeff Gogue, Brandon Bond, Hannah Aitchison, Paul Acker, Paul Booth, Bob Tyrrell...etc.

Now it seems only the London Convention gets anywhere near the "big" names. But, even London can't get some of them to come over anymore. Don't get me wrong, there is still a wealth of talent and it's good that UK artists get a chance, but I was wondering why this has happened? Is it just because the organisers won't pay them to come over anymore?
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Guess it depends on the show and the artist but there are probably a few reasons. The money, as you mentioned. I don't think running a convention is always hugely profitable so paying out a big sum to a big artist is a bit of a risk and with so many great artists based in the U.K. it's not really necessary. So sometimes they might pay out for one or two. For example, Theresa Sharpe is attending Edinburgh this year. Or there was a show in Portsmouth a couple of years ago and they had Roman attending.

For those big name tattooists there are now so many shows all across the world they can kind of pick and choose. London, Milan, Paris, Sydney, then there's a bunch in the US. How much do they really want to be traveling around every year? Some will be up for it more than others, especially if they have families.

There are more and more events popping up all the time. I live in Asia and there was a show in the Phillipines that had some big names. In Taiwan they spend a lot of money and get Carlos Torres, Randy Engelhard, Shige, Bob Tyrell, Victor Chil and others attending.

The other big thing would be Instagram and the fact that artists don't need to attend shows, win awards and feature in magazines to become huge. Look at Brando Chiesa. Now you can post a picture and reach tens of thousands of potential customers with a couple of clicks, ten years ago artists didn't have that kind of reach.
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All of this, as said, US artists especially don't travel so much, visa issues, cost of flights/hotels, loss of earning while they are away. Artists used to use Conventions as promotion which is now taken care of with Instagram, why fly for 10 hrs when you can stay in your studio and wait for the big collectors to come to you... UK Conventions now are the place to find the next big artists form Europe & UK, IMO.
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