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Default Scotland?

Is there going to be a convention in Scotland this year? I couldn't make November last year, and so far in SD it's not mentioned at the back.
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There was talk of it a Tattoo Jam, I know one of my clients is keen to get one started.... I think he is looking for an idea on how may people would be interested in it, and if people down south would be willing to travel up north.

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Havn't heard anything about the Perth show for this year, i know it was canceled last year
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let's set the ink loose aboot this hoos....
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I Would be extremely surprised if there is a tattoo convention in scotland ever again, these stupid licencing laws required by the eho ,they want to apply to tattooists ,apart from the fact that prices varies considerbly from each individual local authority , they struggle to administer licences for half a dozen studios how they hell are they gonna do it for 100+ artists at a convention

heres another requirement
All booths would require to have hot and cold running water as part of the laws

would all visiting artists stop using latex gloves as in scotland there banned by law here

I would love to see another convention in scotland but its not gonna happen
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Blimey... if that is the case then, looks like North Lakes is your best option!
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Yep. North lakes is a definate for me next year.
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Why no latex gloves?
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canny get them over the welding gloves..........just kidding.

a few folk are allergic to laytex....?

scotland is needing a good show as well.

glasgow or edinburgh....would be great.!
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Ive just been researching conventions, apparantly the last perth show was a flop and even people in scotland dont like going to the convention in aberdeen, it would be awsome to have somewhere a little closer to home, but Im near enough that I could go to the Dublin show. It would have to be great because england have alot of decent shows, people arent going to pay money to travel hundreds of miles for an "alright kinda day". plus all the rules with the water and gloves just make life so much harder.

btw loads of shops round my area use latex gloves in thier shops so why cant they be used at the conventions?
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