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Conversation Between Give_Me_Fire_Shorts and Chuck Norris
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  1. Chuck Norris
    14-06-2010 09:55 PM - permalink
    Chuck Norris
    Yes indeed!
  2. Give_Me_Fire_Shorts
    14-06-2010 09:11 PM - permalink
    back babycakes? hahah
  3. Give_Me_Fire_Shorts
    10-10-2009 01:09 AM - permalink
    did neek show you the picture i texted to her of Lemmy? and his EYES OF FIRE!!!!

    me other phone bust btw, so text me yer mobile number.. i only have neeks..
  4. Give_Me_Fire_Shorts
    10-10-2009 12:55 AM - permalink
    im goign to try and get her on film doing it.. its amazingly cute.
  5. Chuck Norris
    10-10-2009 12:53 AM - permalink
    Chuck Norris
    haha, the fat bitch. cats are MINT!
  6. Give_Me_Fire_Shorts
    10-10-2009 12:48 AM - permalink
    when i give Bella a treat, she cant get it back in her mouth by tilting her head, so she uses one paw to push the treat in her mouth..

    HAHAH she's mint.
  7. Give_Me_Fire_Shorts
    08-08-2009 12:43 AM - permalink
    where you hiding?
    how dare you have a life outside of the internet you ginger bitch..

  8. Give_Me_Fire_Shorts
    20-07-2009 06:07 PM - permalink
    old schmold..

    thats just the way i roll baby..
  9. Chuck Norris
    20-07-2009 09:46 AM - permalink
    Chuck Norris
    That's cos you're an old man
  10. Give_Me_Fire_Shorts
    19-07-2009 11:24 PM - permalink
    my heads still banging.

    this is simply not cricket.
  11. Chuck Norris
    07-05-2009 06:32 PM - permalink
    Chuck Norris
    Ah nothing, was just in a bad mood haha!
  12. Give_Me_Fire_Shorts
    07-05-2009 05:54 PM - permalink
    what ya done now philip?
  13. Chuck Norris
    06-05-2009 10:57 PM - permalink
    Chuck Norris
    Fuck these cocksuckers
  14. Give_Me_Fire_Shorts
    20-04-2009 07:18 PM - permalink
    I like big butts and i cannot lie..
  15. Give_Me_Fire_Shorts
    07-04-2009 09:55 PM - permalink
  16. Chuck Norris
    09-03-2009 08:26 PM - permalink
    Chuck Norris
    hahaha, that cat is BOSS!

    How was your first day back at work?
  17. Give_Me_Fire_Shorts
    09-03-2009 08:24 PM - permalink
  18. Chuck Norris
    04-02-2009 03:13 AM - permalink
    Chuck Norris
    I'm not sure how I've escaped Myth's wrath... reckon he's probably still got me on ignore and hasn't seen my latest escapades.

    Neek thinks I'm beyond help. I think she's right, I've never been more filled with hatred than I am right now.
  19. Give_Me_Fire_Shorts
    04-02-2009 03:09 AM - permalink
    i wish someone would point out where ive actually bullied anyone.
  20. Chuck Norris
    04-02-2009 03:01 AM - permalink
    Chuck Norris
    you massive fucking bullying fucking cuntish fucking cunting fucking internet bullying cunt.

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