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Conversation Between Shakey Pete and simonightmare
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  1. simonightmare
    14-08-2009 11:03 PM - permalink
    I figured as much about the shop - it's a shame though, it looked like a cool set up ideal for you... me and my girlfriend are moving back early next year with an aim of me getting an apprenticeship - I'd have loved to learn from you, but I'm not into Familia's methods, you'll do well though and I'd still like you to do something on me when we get back!
  2. Shakey Pete
    14-08-2009 10:50 PM - permalink
    Shakey Pete
    YoYo!!!! Hummmmm. My Tiki Hut thing has gone a bit bad. Working with slack surfers who leave the shop like shit and expect you to pay for everything and gives them a place to hang out and get stoned.... Not good. So yeah i mooved to LaFamilia. While not the best shop it's got a killer view of the bay and i can just tattoo there without any dramas. So....,. No more Tiki Hut it looks like.
  3. simonightmare
    12-08-2009 03:49 PM - permalink
    Hey buddy, how's it going? How comes you're at La Familia now? What ahppened to the tiki hut!?

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