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  1. Sharron
    01-05-2010 05:51 PM - permalink
  2. evilclown
    30-08-2009 10:35 PM - permalink
    thanks for the add tcat, just gettin used to this and settin up my profile.
  3. lalala
    11-08-2009 09:31 PM - permalink
    aye, got a week off work so am having a well deserved relax xxx
  4. lalala
    11-08-2009 08:40 PM - permalink
    ello lovely just wanted to say how awesome you look in your recent pics (not that you didnt always look fab anyway!) good on ya girl xxxx
  5. Mrs Chaos
    10-08-2009 08:53 PM - permalink
    Mrs Chaos
    My god woman!! You look fucking amazing, congrats and well done!!!

    Ya hot fox!!!!!!

  6. Mrs Chaos
    30-07-2009 02:04 PM - permalink
    Mrs Chaos
    Thanks hun!!!

  7. beanfluff
    29-03-2009 06:42 PM - permalink
    Sorry only just saw the message.
    They are healing really well now.
    No major issues, one side sometimes crusts a bit (yum) but other than that they have been really quite easy to deal with.
    I need to put shorter bars in at some point to make them look like dimples but haven't got my bum in gear yet.
    Are you going to get yours done yet?
  8. Tracey uk
    19-03-2009 03:28 PM - permalink
    Tracey uk
    Not too bad thanks hows you?
  9. beanfluff
    28-02-2009 01:47 PM - permalink
    Its a labret, quite long as I have chubby cheeks where it was put.
    It rests on the outside of my top teeth and because im swollen at the moment its slightly moved up so I can sometimes feel it on the edge of my gum.
    That will disappear once the swelling goes down.
    Its not hard to eat at all as my bars don't stick out, to be honest I don't even notice they are there unless im moving my mouth and they are only a day old.
    Im cautious about eating as they are new so trying not to get food under them and making sure I don't bite them although to be honest it doesn't feel like I will.
    They have certainly been easier so far than say my tongue or lip which I most definitely did notice and bite on occasions.
    I have a rather lovely purple bruise across my face this morning from the clamp but other than that they haven't bled or been sore or anything.
    I was told they are one of the most difficult piercings to heal and can take 4 months or so . Taking that into account im being extra cautious about looking after them etc.
    If they don't work out then its no big loss, I can just take them out.
  10. beanfluff
    28-02-2009 12:48 AM - permalink
    The cheeks were fine, probably my least painful piercings I have ever had.
    The clamp was so tight I didn't even realise he had done the first one until he removed it and knocked the needle.
    Not had a huge amount of swelling either unlike my tongue.
    I would say go for it . I love mine already _
  11. lalala
    07-02-2009 01:32 PM - permalink
    i wont lie to you it was a bit nippy under there!!! you could handle it no problem!!
    yeah am good ta, not loving being back at work after brighton though

    ah well!

    how are you doing hun? xxx
  12. rob1968
    30-01-2009 04:47 PM - permalink
    Hey you, wish me luck this weekend !!!!
  13. Mrs Chaos
    31-12-2008 06:04 PM - permalink
    Mrs Chaos
    Happy New Year skinny bird!!!

  14. MonkeyChick
    27-12-2008 09:23 PM - permalink
    Sorry to hear about your brothers babies xxx
  15. lalala
    15-12-2008 05:05 PM - permalink
    awww thanks chick!! hope you and the family have a lovely christmas, try not to be too busy xxx

    take care mrs xx
  16. Mrs Crash
    21-11-2008 10:40 AM - permalink
    Mrs Crash
    Hiya ... Yup I did have the lazer eye surgery, in July. It's great in that I can do every day life stuff without glasses now, but I have been left with a small prescription in each eye (around -0.75) and still some astigmatism, so it wasn't a complete success. At what was supposed to be my last check up a couple of days ago, the consultant mentioned the possibility of retreatment :O I don't regret having it done, but I'm finding VDU work (which I do all day), reading and TV all a bit of a strain on my eyes, and once my prescription has settled, I'll be going back to glasses for those.
    How's your eating/slimming/recovery going?
    Donna xx
  17. rob1968
    06-10-2008 12:17 PM - permalink
    Went from bad to worse, just gotta try and keep a level head and control my anger until I get back from my hols... xx
  18. rob1968
    03-10-2008 09:50 AM - permalink
    Hello you, hope all is ok
  19. MonkeyChick
    07-09-2008 11:38 AM - permalink
    Thank you xxx
  20. Can it Janet
    19-08-2008 10:41 AM - permalink
    Can it Janet
    Hi Clair - glad to hear that - I think me and the hubby will be up at the Quay Vipers - fingers crossed I will have passed my bike test by then and be able to ride my little 250 up!!
    hope to see you there,
    all the best,

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