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  1. Visual Art
    10-08-2012 11:55 AM - permalink
    Visual Art
    Hi Wendy,

    Hope you are well, I don't really use this profile anymore, I found it a pain in the arse updating my page and profile, if you use Facebook and want to keep in touch and keep up to date with my work please just click on this link and like the page. Don't worry if you see I've removed you as a friend in this profile, its not personal. keep in touch Michael Rose | Facebook

    All the best
  2. chuckusabeer
    10-08-2010 10:11 AM - permalink
    Wow, scary stuff. Glad all is well. Hope you are managing to get some sleep.
    Missed you at tattoo jam this weekend.
  3. WendyB
    02-08-2010 06:37 PM - permalink
    Yes baby Blake Alexander was born on Monday 26th, 8lb - after 56 hours in labour!! It was a marathon with a sprint finish and he scared us at the end, needed resuscitation, but he's fine now so it all worked out well. Phew!!!
  4. chuckusabeer
    01-08-2010 05:39 PM - permalink
    Hey Wendy, I hear congrats are in order. Hope you and baby are doing well.
  5. WendyB
    09-06-2010 08:10 PM - permalink
    25th July Billy - though I am now counting down to maternity leave, 26th June

    All is good, just starting to feel big and tired now!
  6. chuckusabeer
    09-06-2010 07:50 PM - permalink
    Hey Wendy, Just dropping by to see how you are? When is the baby due again?

    Take care

  7. rosary75
    16-04-2010 06:41 PM - permalink
    thanks Wendy. I just wondered if it might be a tad cheeky
  8. rosary75
    14-04-2010 10:19 PM - permalink
    hi Wendy, I hope you and the bump are keeping well, I got a quick question I wanted to ask you. If I wanted to get something lasered at a studio but then intend to go elsewhere to get the cover up done is this bad etiquette? Say the tattooist you want to get work from has no laser. What do you do?
  9. esther
    14-02-2010 11:12 PM - permalink
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    am yours esther
  10. Priest
    22-10-2009 09:36 PM - permalink
    Hiya Wendy, did you manage to look at your diary for a possible day when i can come down and visit you?
  11. WendyB
    21-08-2009 09:53 PM - permalink
    Hi Rat - yes we did, hope all is well, was a good weekend indeed but as you say these things are always a blur in retrospect! Allan says Hi too, he speaks highly of you and was chuffed to catch up with you after so long. See you at a convention soon no doubt! x
  12. rat
    21-08-2009 09:39 PM - permalink
    hi wendy pretty sure we met at tattoo jam briefly but all a bit of a blur!!love ya stuff hope alls well with you an yours....rat
  13. adz_rolls
    05-08-2009 08:55 PM - permalink
    Wendy u read my mind! lol i was thinkin of gettin a dragon, definitely bigger, and in colour, the b&g sounds good 2. do you think any lasering will be neccessary or would you not be able to decide until you see it?

    Thanks x
  14. adz_rolls
    05-08-2009 01:03 PM - permalink
    Hi wendy

    Im thinking about getting a recent tattoo covered with a japanese style half sleeve and i was recomended to get in contact with you. I really like ur work and was wondering if you think it would be possible to cover my tattoo? I dont want to rush into things as this is why i am unhappy with the tattoo ive got atm. I just wanted to get an opinion from yourself. I posted a pic of the my tattoo in this thread http://www.skindeep.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=15758 if you want to have a peek.

    Take it easy
  15. MonkeyChick
    07-06-2009 06:51 PM - permalink
    Hello Wendy

    I need some laser done on a couple of pieces. Do I need to book for a consultation or do I just ring and book a session?
    My pieces have purple, red, white & green, can these be killed?!

    Hope you're good,

  16. BRIM
    28-04-2009 05:46 PM - permalink
    Hi Wendy, just letting you know that the flash set you liked is finished and will be printed ready for newport. Pop over and have a good look. See you on the weekend. All the best, Brim
  17. morag
    26-01-2009 11:12 AM - permalink
    hello wendy,
    i see you took the plunge and got a laser, good choice!
    It will take a while to pick up, but once you get used to having the possibility of lasering, you'll never look back.
    if there's any thing i can help you with just sing out, we've had the laser for over a year now and have answered some of the questions we had in the beginning
    best of luck
  18. Beakyboy32
    07-12-2008 07:19 PM - permalink
    Love your tattoos wendy ?
    Some great work in your myspace !
  19. Mez
    01-11-2008 02:56 PM - permalink
    Hi Wendy

    Brilliant news that your doing well and moving to new premises! Had a look at your website and your work is really excellent.

    As for the financial side of things, minimum wage is fine, or whatever you can afford - I've managed to save a bit of cash, a minor miracle for me! And if necessary I could always get an evening job or even sell some of the jewellery that I've made. Christmas/ New Year would also be ideal for time for me to start - cracking way to bring in the New Year!

    Hope your Mum's enjoying Falmouth, especially the Pasties and clotted cream!

    All the best

  20. Mez
    31-10-2008 10:17 PM - permalink
    Hi Wendy

    Thanks for the message, I'm made up that you think I have potential!!

    Sorry I haven't put more stuff up about myself, I was so nervous putting my artwork on display;

    I am a 33 yr old cornishwoman living in the wilds of West Cork, Ireland. I have been drawing since I can remember and have always loved tattoos. I went to Falmouth for my foundation Art course and also did a year in Dundee doing Printmaking.

    I know I'm a bit old to ask for an apprenticeship but stupidly, I never was brave enough to show my artwork before, and with age, I think that I now appreciate the responsibilities of business and the slog that it entails.

    I would love to come over for an interview and have absolutely no problem relocating for work.

    Here's my email and phone number if you're interested in contacting me:

    mezzyn@yahoo.ie 00 353 26 45729/ 00 353 87 7607954

    Thanks again for the message, hope you have a great Halloween!!


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