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My first tattoo was done by an old time tattoo artist here in new england. His name is Lou Robbins.. former owner of the mad hatters studio in old orchard beach maine and the founder and organiser of one of the best tattoo conventions here in the states.

I was 17 a year under the legal age of consent. I walked in, picked a piece of flash from the wall (because thats what the cool kids did) and approached him. he looked at me from over his glasses, told me to sit down, shut up and then he proceeded to drill the fuck out of me. ahhhh, the memories.

lou has been an inspiration to many over the years and he will be missed as part of the mad hatters show. it's been two years since the show was held and it is returning under new management. the lady holding the show now is deana lippens, she's been at every mad hatters and holds the womans tattoo convention in Florida every year..

damn, I rambled .. sorry for waxing poetic and all ..
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Originally Posted by cherryghost View Post
Jinx! You owe me a Jack and Coke.
Yeah but does yours have a tiny set of bollocks hanging off the bottom, and Mr Whippy flames? Mine is beautifully unique, haha
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play boy rabbit on shoulder aged 15 in porkys tattoo shop in stacksteads..

didnt have a fucking clue about anything. ha
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my first one wasnt to bad.On the top of my right arm,so an easy place to have tattooed.Unfortunatly the guy who did it wasnt very good and the scars still give it a nice 3d effect to this day.
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little taurus zodiac symbol on my shoulderblade, later expanded to be a bit on a scroll. not absolutely horrible, but i'm definitely glad i can keep it covered.
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Originally Posted by cherryghost View Post
"If you can't tattoo anything well, don't tattoo at all"

Now fuck off.
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