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that's some lovely stuff you got there, it's a great feeling to have a crap tattoo covered up by a good one. i never heard of mr patten, he's definately worth looking up though. you must be over the moon with that.
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"They" say Six months after Laser. For another Tattoo.....
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Was nice to see you yesterday!
Hope you're not too sore after your big sitting!
As everyone has said - looking forward to seeing it fininshed.

(we were told 6 months by sk:in in Glasgow for inkage after laser so Gee's now playing the waiting game but I've got another few sittings to go - think it's not worth going in too soon)
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I think i may have got my times wrong about the time between the lazering and the tattoo. Times flew over that quickly i could have sworn i had some this year but according to my lovely wife i'm talking bollox.
She seems to think i was last year, she could be right. I make a note of waht sessions i've had and it's not in my diary for this year.
Sorry if i misled anyone.

It was good to see you too Pixie and also Gee and SS.
(as well as everyone else I haven't seen for a while).
Originally Posted by phil_kyle
i was like shit the fucking bed!
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ohh is lazer really that sore, need abit done myself and dreading the day i go for it, looking forward to seeing how ur tattoos gets on
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