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The black ones fit my tiny fingers better, I hate having baggy fingertips. I also like them cos they don't have powder that gets everywhere or forms a nasty paste on your hands that stinks.

Edit: written by Fustmuffin - Gray has left his account logged in again *tut*
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Latex allergies, baggy finger tips, no blood and ink showing....Pffffffff

Give it up because you KNOW THE TRUTH...................

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I always presumed that the black gloves were part of the autumn/winter collection, while the white ones were de rigueur for spring/summer.
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^^ HAHA awesome ^^
Originally Posted by funhouse View Post
in 20 years I've never had an assistant or an apprentice.
I don't want some floppy fringed cunt with daft trousers making my shop look gay.
Originally Posted by deadlifter View Post
agree with vargas, not remotely interested in hearing fuck all from apprentices as they all seem to think they can teach me my job not the other way around.
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Originally Posted by firepower View Post
The only reason we wear them is because they look cool. Sad but true. Plus if you roll up silver foil and wrap it around a couple of fingers while wearing them you can pretend to be Alvin Stardust......
shit i ve been missing a trick there......note to self :must get silver foil for tomorro coo coo cachoo
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