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Default Tattoo removal question..... Yes i did search :)

So I got a cover up a few years ago and I'm not happy with it and I'm thinking of getting it lasered. Problem is that its on my forearm so in a visible area and I'm not sure if I'd get something else there so if I went down the laser route it would have to be fully removed.

Its solid black (not ideal) but theres no colour in it which may help.

Ideally does anyone have any pics of black tats fully removed, does it leave scarring? Who/where would be best to go to in the West London/Berks/Bucks area?


p.s. I did search but couldnt find anything on full tattoo removal just for cover ups
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I can only speak from experience but Ive found my black tribal faded and partically removed entirely very fast and very well I had around 4-5 sessions for a colour cover up and would estimate 10 would have obliterated the entire tattoo.
Luckily for us black is the easiest to remove
Scarring depends on many factors including how well the tattoo was put in to begin with, problems may not always be visable on the surface and scarring can be kept to a minimum by good aftercare and massage (when healed)

I dont know of any studio lasers in london (tho Im sure they will be in abundance) woody in High Wycombe is a self oppointed expert and yell.co.uk brings up multiple skin laser hospitals and clinics...
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There's a place out towards Heathrow, I think. I forget its name, but Dante at Frith Street mentioned it to me. I'll repost here if it comes back to mind.
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Lucy had a session at a clinic type place- I don't know anything about them, but they were offering free treatment for registered tattoo artists, on the proviso that said artist would then reccomend the clinic to customers.

I think it's near Liverpool street station.

You are kind of asking the wrong people here though - we are tattoo enthusiasts, so people are freeing up skin to get more tattoos- I don't think I know of anyone that has been working towards complete removal.
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As said above black responds best to treatment but you say its a cover-up - was there colour underneath? If so that will still be there and will need treating accordingly with the right laser.

And I agree scarring is rare but there are never any guarantees because removing ink can reveal scarring from the tattoo, or poor aftercare of the lasering can cause scarring. Its vital to keep it cool and dry after treatment.

I'd also recommend Woody, his Sharon does the removals every day and she knows her stuff.
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thanks for the replies, the tattoo underneath was/is black.

I have plenty of other ink but its always the first ones you get you end up regretting imo so looking to remove then I'll prob but something over it at a later date but would only remove if it would be possible to tottally remove incase I dont.

Ill go down and see Woody next week.

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