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Chat Slut
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Default Request for examples of female stomach tattoo

Hi guys n gals

My friend has 2 tattoos that she would like to cover, one is just below her navel the other on her back/shoulder.

Ive been looking for suggestions for her but came up rather short (oh dear lol) so wondered if anyone on here had anything saved or any links to some nice pieces.

I think she wants them to join, going from the shoulder round under her armpit and ending up under hr navel. But not necsarrily, just link anything u think is impressive that covers those areas really

From what she has described to me I would say her preference is elegant/japanese but shes very open to ideas style wise as her old tattoos were done a while ago and I think she just needs something nice to cover them up.

Much appreciated peeps
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A few well placed Japanese peonies and chrysanthemums will cover almost anything (with clever shading) and a good artist can make them flow beautifully around the body.

Tattoos by Nikole Lowe

Tattoo by Aaron Hewitt
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You're very very unlikely to find a design that will fit as a cover-up as you're talking about a very specific shape and size. In my experience its a waste of time looking for a specific design, you just need to identify the style you're after and let the tattooist do the rest. They can make it work with what she has.

I would recommend you get your friend to do the research once she can decided WHAT the tattoo should be - no-one else can do the research for her because we don't know what she likes or doesn't like.

Her best bet would be to go to her chosen artist (who needs to be someone with a good portfolio and proven experience in good cover-ups) and get her to discuss it with them. The artist can then tell her what would work and what wouldn't. Then she can maybe do a bit more reserach once she has that advice or maybe they'll hit the nail on the head straight away and the tattooist can just get on with it.

The best way to help her is to work through the mags and websites, looking at the styles and subject matter, look at art websites like deviantart, google images, etc, get a bunch of reference printed off, then make a consultation appointment with the tattooist.
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Chat Slut
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That full sleeve is gorgeous thanks Betty cant see anyone being disapointed with that it really is nice with the butterfly.

Good advice Wendy and I agree the chances of finding something that exactly goes over that area is extremely remote, I jus hoped to get an example of any nice japanese stuff on women that like Betty says, flows well.
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