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Question How to get a custom tattoo?

Hi I am going to see a tattooist on Friday to discuss a tattoo I want done and am not sure how much information I need to go armed with, I would like something custom that they design, I know roughly what I want in it but don't have an exact picture I can give them and I am not artistic so can't draw one. Also I am not sure of what style I want, I know I want it colour but I don't want it to look cartoony. Is this enough info for the tattooist, will they come up with ideas based on this or will they tell me to go away and come back when I know exactly what I want? I don't want to waste my time or theirs. Also will they tell me if they think my ideas are rubbish? Any advice much appreciated.
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Provided you are going to a decent artist they will be happy to work from your ideas and customise it to be what you want.

If you can find references to illustrate the kind of thing you want (if it is an unusual design) then that will be of assistance.

Most artists will love being given a basic premise and being allowed tro work from it in their own style.

I am sure we would all be interested to hear what you want and who you have chosen to do your work.

Welcome onboard.

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As above .. Do your homework, the more references you have the better idea of what you want your chosen artist will have to work with.

Be open to suggestions and ideas, chances are you will be offered a bunch of ideas you haven't even thought off

Also, be prepared to pay for the artists time to sit and draw with you, it will all be worth it for the exact piece you are wanting!

Good luck and check back and show us what you got!
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they should tell you if they think its rubbish, which im sure its not, but i know my tattooist would steer me away from any brain aborations i might have had rather than just go with it.

but other than that i think if you tell them pretty much how you explained in your thread here then that should be enough to start off the creativity process flowing.

just be up front with them, tell them what you would like, listen to their ideas, be open minded in accepting any advice but dont just agree with any or everything they come up with.

i usually find this part one of the most rewarding stages
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If you know what you want in it, then that's fairly specific and the artist should be able to suggest what they think would work best.. you get far FAR more vague people in than that!
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